Welcome to High’s Chimney Service, Inc.

We've spent more than 30 years building the perfect chimney company. Take two minutes and see if you don't agree.

  • Easy - A smooth process to make the appointment, with quick response times. No waiting for weeks or months for an appointment.
  • Experienced - You won’t get some “newbie” practicing on your house. Our men know what they are doing. The lead man on the job is always a Certified Chimney Sweep.
  • Specialists - The masonry work and chimney lining work are handled by crews who specialize in that work. You don’t get a “do-it-all-guy” if you need a specialty job done.
  • Trustworthy - High’s Chimney employees wear identifying clothes, carry photo IDs, and arrive in company-marked vehicles. You don’t wonder who you’re letting into your house.
  • Fast - You have other things to do, so we work efficiently. High’s Chimney sends two men per truck. This means we work more safely, as we finish more quickly.
  • Value - Our prices are remarkably competitive. Anyone who charges less is delivering something less We run a tight ship at High’s Chimney.
  • Punctual - We have over a 97% on-time arrival rate. If we do run late, we’ll call you so you don’t wonder what’s going on. You don’t waste time waiting.
  • Honest - We have a strict company policy never to sell unnecessary services. If your chimney does not need to be cleaned, we tell you so and charge only a trip charge.

Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive chimney services. We proudly serve clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.