High’s Chimney Service named a 2012 Best Pick by EBSCO Research

Recently, High’s Chimney Service has been named a 2012 Best Pick by EBSCO Research, an independent consumer research firm that produces the publication Best Pick Reports. Currently, High’s Chimney Service is a 2012 best pick for Chimney & Fireplace work in the Montgomery County region, as seen here. As of right now, we’re the only chimney company in the area to earn that distinction.

We’re pretty proud of that.

A little while ago, Best Pick Reports shared with us 15 pages worth of reviews from customers of High’s Chimney that it had independently compiled. We’re happy to say that most are grade A reviews, and we received an A average, although we’ll admit there are some reviews that indicate room for improvement. But we take feedback seriously. Making the perfect chimney company is a never-ending process. By the way, if you’d like to share your experiences on High’s Chimney Service, please visit www.highschimney.com/testimonials.php.

And, if you’d like to see the full list of reviews compiled by Best Pick Reports, read on, because we’ve included each and every one of them below, unedited.

Customer Reviews compiled by Best Pick Reports
I knew there were problems with the chimney. In fact, I had more than one person check the
chimney. We got the heating system relined, but they wouldn’t reline the fireplace. I talked to
this lady and she said High’s can take care of me. They came out and they did. They put a video
up the chimney and showed me where all the cracks were. They relined it and sealed it so that
we don’t have any problems. We had three different chimney companies come out, and they
were the most thorough ones. The first guy just kind of looked at it and said he didn’t think we
needed this, that we didn’t need lining. We didn’t care for his attitude. In fact, he came back
with somebody else because he hadn’t done a very good estimate. The second guy told us what
he had to tell us. The third guy came, told us he would do the video, and showed us the problem
and so forth. That was the best. The chimney is taken care of. That was just done this past year.
+++ 53834 +++

Their services were fine. I was very, very pleased with them. +++ 64097 +++

They repaired the chimney, and they put in a wood stove. And they were fine. I felt comfortable
with them in the home. +++ 64970 +++

We have used High’s Chimney Service for many, many years off and on, and they’re fine. In fact,
I need to call them for next month. They seem to be professional. They seem to ask the right
questions, seem to be fine. +++ 62258 +++

They cleaned our chimney back in March. They did fine. It’s hard to tell, I don’t look up my
chimney, but I think it was fine. They left my home very clean. +++ 64123 +++
The personnel were really great, very professional, answered all my questions, and did the job. I
would give High’s Chimney Services an A. +++ 62378 +++

They did work for me back in April. I believe they just did the chimney in April. They cleaned
the chimney. They do a great job, and they clean up all their work afterwards. I’ve used them
before. They seem to be very competent, and they’ve shown us when it had to be repaired. They
were actually able to show us exactly what was wrong and what needed to be done. +++ 64401

They were fine. They worked out fine. High’s Chimney Service is always nice. I’ve used them
before. They’re always nice and pleasant and willing to give you information and not try to
pull the wool over your eyes, so I’ve always found them to be honest. +++ 62646 +++

I thought they were very honest and did a very good job, because they actually told me I didn’t
need to do anything. They got up there, did their stuff and said, ‘You have clearly not used your
chimney before.’ and I said, ‘Actually, you’re right. I think I had one fire,’ and he said, ‘Then it
doesn’t need cleaning. I’d be taking your money.’ They were very honest, very reliable. I’m going
to have them back. +++ 62373 +++

They did a chimney inspection. They were competent and friendly. +++ 64150 +++

When you have to do a chimney, it’s just brick work. I’ve got the prettiest chimney in this
whole subdivision. It’s red brick, but it’s very, very pretty. It’s just a one-floor chimney, but the
chimney cost me more than the roof did. The chimney was $4000. They ripped me off at least
$1000. High’s did the chimney. They’ve been here forever. +++ 53400 +++

They’ve done two things for me. They’ve cleaned my wood stove exhaust. They clean my
chimney every year. They’ve done some installation work. They put in a flue liner, stainless
steel flue liner. They were very good, very quick, good cleanup. They didn’t do any damage.
They came and went about their business and left with no problems at all. +++ 64979 +++

High’s Chimney Service were great. The guy they sent to the house was personable and nice,
answered any questions I had, took a look at the chimney, and realized it didn’t need to be
cleaned and that it had never been used. But I wanted to make sure that someone took a look at
it before I had a fire. They wrote up the bill, we chatted for a moment, and then they left. +++
62376 +++

They’ve cleaned my chimney in the past. I’ve been happy with their work. +++ 64342 +++

I think we were pleased; otherwise I would have known. Within the last year or two we had
some inside repairs. +++ 64880 +++

They’re great. We’ve had them for years, and we keep asking them back so I think they’re doing
a good job. We’ve had a chimney for twenty-one years, and we’ve always used High’s Chimney
Service. +++ 62374 +++

High’s Chimney Service seemed super neat. I was surprised that so little dust got into the house
while they were there. I’ve got a wood stove, and they swept out my chimney for me. Their
personnel were quick and neat handed. +++ 62371 +++

They did a fine job. They came and cleaned our chimney. I would use them again given the
occasion and cleaned up well after their service also. +++ 64143 +++

They’re great. I’ve used High’s Chimney Service a couple times and haven’t had any problems.
+++ 62256 +++

The service has been great. We had fires all last year in our chimney and haven’t had any
problems. High’s Chimney Service was really good and quick, and it was crazy how they got up
on the roof and put the whole liner down. It was pretty good. We were very pleased. +++ 62369

They cleaned our chimney. I was here when the work was done. They did good-quality work.
They didn’t even make a mess. I would use High’s Chimney again. +++ 64120 +++

They were able to do some work for me. It was good. In this day and age, when somebody does
the work and it’s completed, it’s always a good pick. I equate that to my son; he goes to the
University of Maryland right now. He’s on the swim team, and they’re going to drop the
program because of mismanagement. +++ 64366 +++

High’s Chimney Service was very good, very good. They did a chimney cleaning for me. Their
personnel were real good, very accommodating. +++ 62337 +++

They did flashing or something around the chimney. They did good-quality work. I would call
on them again. +++ 64656 +++

They did chimney cleaning for me. They did a good job. It was perfect. +++ 64124 +++

I can’t say my memory is real clear about what they did a year ago. I don’t recall us being
displeased. We thought they were a little expensive for what they did. +++ 64343 +++

I thought High’s Chimney were fine. I have a wood insert in my fireplace, and I wanted to make
sure that it had been cleaned and that there wasn’t any creosote buildup. So I called and
scheduled and made an appointment with them. They came out, cleaned it out, quick and easy,
said it was fine, cleaned out what they could, and then they were done. I think I actually had
them come out a long time before that as well. +++ 62367 +++

High’s Chimney Service checked our fireplace to see if it was good enough to use for a fire. They
snaked a camera up and showed me exactly where they saw problems. They did a good job. +++
62368 +++

They replaced a chimney cap for me. They did a cleaning for me as well. They did great. I sure
would use them in the future if I had need. +++ 65112 +++

They’ve done work for us. I haven’t contacted them recently. +++ 64378 +++

We used them. I just had them come out and do a chimney cleaning and give us a quote for a
possible wood-burning insert. We haven’t decided to do it at this point. The chimney cleaning
was fine. No complaints about the workers or anything. It was a very positive experience. We
also discovered that we would need to get the fireplace relined, but we decided not to proceed
with that right now. We’re just not going to use the fireplace until we make a decision whether
we’re going to put an insert in or not. They were on time. +++ 64876 +++

They cleaned the chimney. They did alright. They did not make a mess or anything. I would use
them again. +++ 64358 +++

I thought they were very good. They did what they were supposed to do in a timely manner.
They cleaned up well. I’m very satisfied. It was the inside of the fireplace. +++ 64353 +++

They’re excellent. I think they did chimney cleaning. They were excellent both times. I have
recommended them to friends and associates. +++ 64685 +++

They cleaned the chimney. They did what they were hired to do. +++ 64122 +++

I don’t remember that there wasn’t anything that wasn’t positive. I don’t remember anything
negative. +++ 62245 +++

We did have the chimney redone and replaced. That was High’s Chimney. That’s working out
perfect. They replaced the entire inside of the chimney. It works fine. We had it done about two
years ago. +++ 62055 +++

It was cleaning it, and I was happy with their service. +++ 64077 +++

We’ve used them before. That’s why we call them when we need service. They clean our
chimney. They do a good job for me. I keep using them. +++ 64098 +++

They just checked the chimney to make sure it’s safe. Just did what was necessary. I am
satisfied with the company, and they do a good job. They’re very good. +++ 64357 +++

We’ve used them for chimney cleaning a couple of times and have been very pleased with their
service. They kept my house nice and clean when they did their cleaning work. I would
recommend them to a family member or friend. +++ 64657 +++

They cleaned the chimney. It was strictly cleaning. I was satisfied with the work. They did a
good job. They did good cleanup. +++ 64976 +++

High’s just did an inspection so it wasn’t really worked on. Their personnel were good; he was
helpful. +++ 62254 +++

High’s Chimney Service did fine, and we were fine with them. We’ve had them here before. +++
62257 +++

They do basically my cleanup, my annual get everything in order. They put caps on the chimney
for me. The house is brand-new, although one of our chimneys is acting up. They gave me a
quote for a liner, but we haven’t done anything yet. +++ 64679 +++

We have a wood-burning fireplace. When we first moved in to our home, they came and
inspected it and gave us some pretty good advice. Then, they cleaned it. We have had them
clean it every year since. I feel comfortable with them in the home. They do a good cleanup
when they’re done. They put down tarps. You wouldn’t even know they were there. +++ 65126

They did work for us. I don’t think that I’ve heard my husband say anything bad about them. If
anything, it was probably a cleaning. I didn’t hear any complaints from him. +++ 64958 +++

They serviced our chimney. It was just cleaning. Their cleanup was outstanding. You would
never have known they were there. I was comfortable with them in the home. +++ 64985 +++

I thought it seemed pretty good. They put a liner in front of my chimney, and they talked about
different options. I thought it was pretty thorough for our job and am generally happy with the
work. I’d give them an A. +++ 64083 +++

I thought the service was excellent. The technician did a good job. High’s Chimney Service just
did a chimney cleaning. The technician was very personable, very personable, really nice guy.
We actually referred him to a couple of friends of ours, but we don’t know if they actually made
the call. +++ 62372 +++

They did chimney work. They did a good job. They just had to do cleaning because we have it
done on a fairly regular basis. They called us to let us know they were going to be in the
neighborhood, and if we booked when they were going to be here, we got a break in the price.
That was a good deal. Previously they had done some repair work, but now we just do it for
cleaning. +++ 64373 +++

I had a chimney insert, one of those wood fire inserts into the fireplace. That was a company
called High’s Chimney Service. It’s actually like a fireplace insert where they put this cast iron
fireplace thing inside your fireplace. I’ve got the wood burning one. This single divide is one of
the best investments I’ve ever done. It heats up the entire house. They came out I think that day,
and they showed us something. We committed on a Monday, and by Thursday it was installed.
It took them all of an hour and a half to install it. I actually brought them back out in June to
do the chimney sweep. They show up on time. I’d give them an A. The prices are fairly
reasonable. +++ 67643 +++

They didn’t clean our chimney or repair it. They came out and did some measuring because our
insurance company needed to know that our hearth was the proper distance. That’s what they
did. They did a great job. I think I would use them for chimney cleaning or repair. +++ 64394

I don’t use them. I think they were at my neighbor’s and I had the keys. I don’t remember them
doing anything at my house. As far as what I saw, they were fine. +++ 62644 +++

They cleaned out our vent for the dryer. They did good-quality work. The technicians that came
out were competent, friendly, and hard working. I would recommend them to others. +++ 64090

High’s Chimney Service did a good job. +++ 62645 +++

High’s Chimney Service just did an inspection, but I didn’t end up actually using them for
anything. Their personnel were fine. +++ 62338 +++

As far as I know, they just did the cleaning out of the chimney. That was a year ago. They did
clean up very well. I could not tell that they had been here. I have referred other people to them.
+++ 64960 +++

I thought they were excellent. High’s Chimney Service showed up on time, they were available
pretty quickly, and they did a good job. They were quick, and I was happy with the service. +++
62377 +++

I’ve had chimney cleaning done by High’s Chimney. They lined our chimneys. They do a nice
job. They did some work while we were out of town. We were pleased when we came back.
That was good. +++ 64716 +++

We’ve used High’s Chimney Service for a long time, and they’re pretty reliable. One time, I
wasn’t sure if I needed this chimney swept, and they did tell me when it was, and that it wasn’t
too soon to get it done. +++ 62375 +++

High’s Chimney Service was fine. One thing was that they were very clean, and they were very
honest and straightforward in terms of what needed to be done and how much it was going to
cost. And everything was fine. We’ve actually used them as a chimney cleaning service as well
as for the chimney repair, and we haven’t had any complaints. They’ve been very reliable.
We’ve probably used them for chimney cleaning three or four times, and then we had just a
repair job. +++ 62370 +++

We do have a chimney to maintain. We use High’s Chimney Sweep. Whenever they’ve come out,
we’ve not had a problem with them. They just clean it out; they don’t have to do any
brickwork. +++ 44536 +++

They did chimney cleaning. They did a sufficient job. I would use them again or recommend
them. +++ 64382 +++

I was happy with their service. I’ve used them for years. +++ 64126 +++

I call them every year. They come out and make sure my chimney is safe because the
condominium requires it. They’re friendly and clean up after themselves. They’ve always been
very nice, and they understand that I don’t need anything except for them to give me a piece of
paper. They don’t try to sell me stuff I don’t need. +++ 64088 +++

I was happy with them. They have cleaned the chimney several times; then they relined it. I
think their work was done well. Good cleanup and everything in the end. +++ 64346 +++
They did an annual chimney inspection. I have used them before. I would continue to use them.
I would recommend them to others. +++ 64650 +++

They checked my chimney just to make sure there were no clogs, that type of thing like that,
safely running. They did come out this year. They checked the chimney to see if there were any
problems with it, and it did sound quite expensive when they were proposing. I would still use
them. I’d probably go out and shop prices. +++ 64154 +++

They were just fine. They cleaned the chimney. I used them before. I would use them again. +++
64133 +++

I’ve used them for years. They’re terrific. They come when I ask them to come. They schedule me
as soon as they can. They’re very quick. They clean up beautifully. They’re nice people. They do
a great job. +++ 64102 +++

They cleaned the chimney, and they evaluated my chimney situation because it’s old. I wanted
some advice. I thought the technicians were knowledgeable. They were clearly experienced.
They were professional. They did a good job. They were timely. I would use them again. I need
to get my chimney fixed first. +++ 64362 +++

They cleaned the chimney. The work went fine, I guess. They cleaned the chimney, and it’s fine.
It was a year ago. I guess they were on time with the appointment. No issues with the company
or the technicians. +++ 64648 +++

They did duct cleaning. They did a nice job. I noticed the difference in the air quality once they
were done. +++ 64363 +++

We were happy. Last year, there were repairs made. The most recent time was just a cleaning.
The repairs, they did a very good job. We were happy, and they had some good advice. Overall,
with the company, I am satisfied. +++ 64399 +++

I was happy with them. +++ 64355 +++

It’s been within the last couple years. They’ve actually replaced the liner in our chimney, and
they also have cleaned our wood stove chimney. They were good for both services. I’ve used
them in a previous home. +++ 64383 +++

It was just some chimney cleaning. At this time that’s all they did. They also made some
recommendations about some repairs to the chimney itself. They’re kind of on hold at the
moment; there’s not a lot of spare money around here. I have to say that High’s does extremely
good-quality work, and we’ve worked with them for many years. I would highly recommend
them. If you’re only doing a chimney cleaning, it may not seem like a big deal. They come in,
they’re careful not to make a mess, and they clean up after themselves. It may not sound like a
big thing, but it is. Back in 1985 we had a chimney fire, and we contacted them about rebuilding
the lining. They came out and did a very good job. They are recommending some additional
work be done. It’s kind of getting to that point where it needs repair work. +++ 64873 +++

They did chimney cleaning for me. Their services are wonderful. I’ve used them for years. +++
64668 +++

I think they did a good job. We’ve had them out I think just a couple of times. I don’t know if
the last time was just to have the chimney cleaned. We had them line it another time, and both
times I think they did a good job. And they were very pleasant. We liked what they did the first
time, so that’s why we called them back. +++ 64148 +++

For the chimney I used High’s; they replaced the liner. They did a good job for me as far as I can
tell. I would use them again. +++ 64275 +++

I had High’s Chimney Service. They repointed and relined it. Everybody that I dealt with, they
did what they were supposed to do. They showed up. They were reasonable. +++ 45463 +++

High’s Chimney Service did fine I guess. I don’t really have an opinion on them. +++ 62249 +++

I think High’s Chimney Services cleaned our flue system out, and they did a fine job. +++ 62261

That was High’s Chimney Service. I don’t use them every year; I probably should. When they’ve
been here, they’ve done both cleaning, and we had to have repairs done to both chimneys. They
did a great job. I definitely would use them again. They call every year. +++ 61835 +++

They cleaned a short time ago. They did something else; it was like a top. The thing has a cap.
They did a good job for me. I was happy with the service. +++ 64145 +++

They’ve done everything. I’ve been using them for years. They clean it. They’ve redone the inside
and rebuilt the back. I’m very satisfied. They put the boots on when they come in. Fireplaces are
dirty, and they’re very clean. They’re very respectful to me and my house. I will continue to use
them. +++ 64138 +++

They installed a wood stove and a chimney that went along with it. A year or so later, they did
some repairs. The work was fine. The people that came out were respectful of both me and my
home. I would refer them to other people. +++ 64665 +++

They just cleaned the chimney, and it was fine. Nothing stood out about the company. I
probably would use them again. They cleaned the chimney, so big deal. +++ 64149 +++

I thought it was good. They actually did a number of other chimneys in our neighborhood. They
recommended a new steel liner, which we decided not to do, but it seemed like what High’s
Chimney Services did was good. I would give them an A. +++ 62649 +++

They were able to assist me. They were above average. I’ve never had that service before, so I
don’t have anything to compare it to. They were honest. They told me I didn’t need my chimney
cleaned. I had called too soon. I felt that was unusual. I got it cleaned anyways. +++ 64654 +++

They cleaned the chimney, but I don’t know exactly what they did. My husband knows more
about it. I was satisfied with the services they provided. We would use them again. +++ 64079

We’ve used them on and off over the years. I’m satisfied with their services. We’re going to use
them this year. +++ 64881 +++

They did chimney work. They did fine. I’ve used them before. +++ 64872 +++

Every job I gave them, they seemed to complete it. High’s Chimney Service did fine. +++ 62366

The company that ended up doing the chimney rebuilding was High’s Chimney Service. The
rebuilding was good. It’s an old house. Maybe aesthetically it’s not so gorgeous, but
functionally it’s fantastic. They did a great job reconnecting the hot water heater and furnace,
too. We weren’t even thinking about aesthetics. So we didn’t specify what kind of brick and so
on. It’s perfectly adequate. It wouldn’t cause me to lower their rating on a whole. If we had
specified and they had not done it or something, then yeah. +++ 54555 +++

I’ve used High’s Chimney Service, and I’ve been happy with them. I’ve used them more than one
time for the cleaning. +++ 50898 +++

High’s Chimney did the chimney. They put in a new flue. Their work was fine. They were timely
and cleaned up well. +++ 44200 +++

I was satisfied with the work. Normally, High’s Chimney Service comes in and does a chimney
sweep every year. +++ 62339 +++

They’re very good. They were very, very good. They cleaned the chimney. I would use them
again. This is the second or third time I’ve used them. +++ 64879 +++

It was good. High’s Chimney Service was good. I thought they were professional, and they were
good. +++ 62253 +++

We purchased our insert from them instead of my son. And we’ve had the chimney cleaned
twice by them. They do quality work. I thought it was expensive, but then I guess all that
everything is expensive. They scheduled around our needs, and they came in, and they were
clean. There was no mess left. I sure would recommend them to others. +++ 65109 +++

They cleaned it out for me, and that’s good. It’s totally ready to be used. I have used them
before. I am assuming they did a good job. I would use them again, if I ever made a fire. +++
64379 +++

We’ve used them a couple of years. They usually do chimney cleaning for me. I was satisfied
with their service. The only thing that happened last year is they moved some supports
underneath my wood stove and didn’t put them back. It was left unleveled, and it’s quite a
heavy piece of furniture. I didn’t realize that had been done until they were gone. I didn’t call
them back to put it back. +++ 64356 +++

They cleaned it out and repaired. I’ve been happy with their service. +++ 64116 +++

Less than A grades:
I thought the service was great. High’s Chimney Service was good; they were quick and they
were clean. They did recommend new chimney collar. I followed up with some friends, and we
thought that was an overly aggressive up sell. I think they pointed out some stuff that was
relatively minor and tried to do the quick sale with me. Although I was very happy with their
service. I might refer them; I might not. But if I did, I would tell someone not to buy into their,
‘Hurry up and do it this week’ up sell. I don’t know if I’d use them again, because I think that’s
disingenuous when companies do that. I would give them, maybe, a C, because I was happy
with their service but not happy with the fact that they tried to aggressively up sell. I don’t
know if I believe that I really needed it. +++ 62246 +++

They did chimney repair. When we had our furnace installed, they actually flagged some
problems. At this point in time, we’re not too happy. We have some questions raised by
different furnace companies about how well the repair work went. I haven’t had anybody else
take a look at it for me. We just got our furnace about a month ago, or two months ago. I
thought everything was perfect until somebody said something. I think they can do basic
things. They can clean the chimney. I’d give them an A for cleaning the chimney. Anything more
than that, I would be a little hesitant. I’d probably give them a C. They’re very personable. I
would have given them an A, until we got our furnace installed. +++ 64857 +++

I’ve used High’s Chimney Cleaning. I’m not sure I liked them. They’ve come a couple of times. I
don’t like the constant phone calls. They keep calling; I guess that’s because I’ve used them
before. I call them when I need them; I don’t want them calling every month. I’ve told them to
stop calling me, but they don’t stop. When I see their name on my caller ID, I don’t answer. I
would give them a C rating. +++ 42855 +++

They checked my chimney first, to see that it was clear. They checked the lining and they
checked the outside bricks. They did not have to do any repair work at all. But there’s one thing
that I asked them for they didn’t even address. I wanted a cover for the chimney, and they
hemmed and hawed and just disregarded that request. That was the main reason I had them out
here. So I wasn’t really happy with them. I would grade them, probably, a C. But I probably
won’t use them again. I don’t like being ignored with a request that I had. They should’ve told
me in the beginning that they would not, or could not, make the cover. It’s not a frustration, but
it’s lousy business. They’ll get no more business from me and no referrals. +++ 64099 +++

I thought they were good, except I had a second opinion and they totally disagreed with the
assessment. High’s Chimney Service told us that we needed a new chimney liner. We had
somebody else come in and look at it, and they said that wasn’t true. +++ 62242 +++

I wasn’t satisfied with their services when they came out. They didn’t go from the top to the
bottom. They went from the bottom to the top. I don’t think it was cleaned thoroughly enough.
I went out and bought my own brushes; I am going to do it myself. I would give them a C. I
would probably not use them again. +++ 64653 +++

We contact High’s Chimney to clean the chimney. They ended up removing a lot of stuff and let
us know that it needed to be relined. I wasn’t there; my wife was there. When I got home it was
already done, and by then they had already given their estimate for relining. It wasn’t as if they
came and we could ask questions before they started removing the mortar and stuff on the
lining of the chimney. Sometimes you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. They didn’t get
any money, however now the chimney is unusable. I have to pay them and trust that they have
told us the truth. In any event the chimney, at this point, I assume has to be relined. Either
way, we are going to have to pay. Typically, we try to trust them and look at them as being
professional. I think the professional approach there should have been, ‘This is what we think
is going on. We need to take a closer look, and in doing that closer inspection we may have to
remove some material. That may cause you to have to reline the chimney. In our professional
opinion, it looks like it’s unsafe. It could pose some harm or risk to you and your family.’ And
then we would have moved forward with that. That’s where I got a little upset and annoyed.
It’s been about a year. Given our experience, I clearly can’t rate them high. I’m trying to take
the high road here, and that’s even difficult for me to try to figure that out. I certainly wouldn’t
want this to happen to someone else. I think the approach was wrong; it could have been
handled differently. I think we’d have to give them a poor grade, at least a D. At this point, it’s
not even a point of satisfying me. It’s a matter of whether or not this is their standard practice
when they complete inspections. +++ 64085 +++

The gentleman who came in did a good job. Except they were supposed to put a camera inside
the chimney, and they did not. High’s Chimney Service said that we didn’t really need it. I paid
for the service and I didn’t get it. That’s what I feel like. He said, ‘This is what we charge, and
this is what we do,’ and they didn’t do everything that they said they were going to do. I would
probably give them a D. I expected them to put the camera inside the fireplace and make sure
that everything was ok. So all they really did was, pretty much, vacuum. That was expensive to
me to just do that. +++ 62250 +++

I was not happy with them. I told them I could not close the stamper, and the man reached in,
pulled down the chain, and said, ‘It’s closed.’ I said, ‘No, it’s not. It’s still open at least a
quarter of an inch. And in the wintertime, that just pours right down the chimney. There’s
something wrong with the length of the chain.’ He said, ‘Nope, there’s nothing wrong with the
length of the chain’, charged me ninety dollars, and left. My son-in-law flew in that night, and I
told him what happened. He said, ‘You’re exactly right. There’s something wrong with the
length of the chain.’ He went to the hardware store, got a longer piece of chain, put it in, and it
works just fine. And it didn’t cost me ninety dollars. I called High’s and complained, and they
gave me some excuse. The man excused himself for what he didn’t do, and I said, ‘You can just
look at it and tell it was open a quarter of an inch. I’m not that stupid.’ He wouldn’t
acknowledge that it could be fixed. So I don’t like them. +++ 62642 +++

High’s Chimney Service was terrible. They sent two guys to do a chimney cleaning. They used
the wrong brush. I saw the TV scan after they had cleaned it, and they said I had broken mortar
and heavy creosote. I thought about it after they left, and I thought they were trying to sell me
services that I absolutely did not need. I talked to one of their people, and they never called me
back. I think they’re terrible. I would never hire them again and I would never recommend them.
They get the lowest grade. +++ 62244 +++

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