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Services for your Chimney, Fireplace & more:

Air Duct Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning Chimney Repointing Chimney Repointing
Stainless Steel Chase Covers Chase Cover Installation Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevent Dryer Fires Dryer Vent Cleaning
Chimney Building Chimney Building Protect your Gutters with Leaf Proof Gutter Guards! Gas Fireplace Maintenance
Chimney Cleaning • Chimney Cleaning Protect your Gutters with Leaf Proof Gutter Guards! Gutter Cleaning and Covering
Chimney Cleaning Chimney Inspections Roof Cleaning Helps Protect Your Roof Roof Cleaning
Chimney Relining Chimney Lining Protect your Gutters with Leaf Proof Gutter Guards! Leaking Chimney Fixing
Chimney Rebuilding Chimney Rebuilding Wood Insert Installation Wood Burning Insert Installation
Chimney Repairs Chimney Repair Wood Stove installation Wood Burning Stove Installation
Fireplace Surrounds / Mantel    

High’s Chimney Service is proud to offer the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas a wide variety of chimney repair and masonry services for their home maintenance needs. With over 30 years of experience in chimney repair and maintenance, High’s has a track record of customer service and professionalism. From Rockville to Gaithersburg to Halifax, High’s has years of experience all throughout the area and is well-versed in problems your home might be having. Draw on our years of collective experience for your next home maintenance or chimney renovation project – take a look at all of the services we offer!

Chimney Cleaning Services:

Regular chimney cleaning is necessary to protect your chimney, your house and your family from fires. Chimney cleaning removes dangerous buildups of highly flammable creosote as well as making sure that smoke, vapor and gasses face no obstruction as they are vented efficiently from your house. At High’s chimney, our lead sweep is always certified. No Rookies practicing on your house. Find out more about our chimney cleaning services here.


Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Repair Services:

Many things can go wrong with chimneys, from holes in the mortar, cracks in the lining, deterioration due to exposure to weather etc. Usually, you’ll notice something wrong when your chimney stops venting properly, but you might not know exactly what’s wrong. Your High’s Chimney professional will quickly diagnose the problem and advise you on the proper fix, be it flashing repair or a chimney crown repair. Our chimney repair professionals are highly qualified and certified and have years of experience repairing chimneys in Maryland and Virginia. Find out out more about our chimney repair services here.



Chimney Repairs

Chimney Rebuilding Services:

Sometimes there’s nothing for it: you just have to rebuild that leaning, cracking, crumbling, dangerous chimney. With over 30 years of experience in the Maryland and DC area, we’re well versed on what local conditions can do to your chimney. We’ll make what could be a painful process much less of a headache for you as we scope the project and provide timely, professional chimney rebuilding services.  Find out more about our chimney rebuilding here.



Chimney Rebuilding

Chimney Repointing Services:

Are there visible cracks in the bricks or mortar of your chimney? Does the mortar appear to be crumbling? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may need to get your chimney repointed before the damage gets bad enough that you’ll need a rebuild.



Chimney Repointing

Chimney Building Services:

If you’re planning an addition or building a new house, leave the chimney building up to the experts. We’ll help you plan how big the chimney needs to be given what you want to use it for and build you an attractive, sturdy masonry or cinder block chimney, or a chimney chase, if that’s what’s best for your plans. Find out more about our chimney building services here.



Chimney Building

Chimney Inspection Services:

High’s Chimney Service is the Washington D.C. area’s go-to company for in-depth (level 2) chimney inspections. Find out more about our chimney inspections services here.




Chimney Building

Chimney Lining Services:

Some of the most common problems with chimneys are cracked, broken or otherwise faulty chimney linings. Some older houses still have the original terracotta which is prone to cracking as the house settles. Even newer linings need replacing or repairing after a time. Find out more about our chimney lining services here.




Chimney Relining

Chase Cover Installation Services:

The chase cover is the “roof” for the top of your chimney chase. It keeps water, debris and animals out of your chimney chase while allowing the free passage of smoke and gas. High’s chimney installs aesthetically pleasing, long lasting stainless steel chimney chase covers. If you’re sick of looking at your rusting galvanized steel chase cover, it’s time to make the switch. Find out more about our chimney chase cover installation services here.



Stainless Steel Chase Covers

Wood Burning Stove Installation Services:

Woodburning stoves are a great, green option for heating your house. However, installing one is not a DIY job. When it comes to protecting your home and family from the potential fire risks that an improperly installed stove poses, the best thing you can do is choose certified, experienced professional to install the stove and vent for you. Read more about our wood burning stove installation services.




Wood Stove installation

Wood Stove Insert Installation Services:

Wood stove inserts are great ways to take advantage of an inefficient fireplace. They are safer, more economical alternatives to building open wood fires. Our professionals sell and install wood burning stoves all across Maryland and Virginia. Find out more about our wood burning stove insert services here.




Wood Insert Installation

Air Duct Cleaning Services:

Air duct cleaning improves the quality of your indoor air and decreases the chances of mold growth and insect infestation. It also clears ducts that are clogged with excessive amount so of dust or debris. Air ducts are cleaned with powerful vacuums in conjunction with well controlled brushing of duct services. Find out more about our air duct cleaning services here.




Air Duct Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services:

Remove a huge potential fire hazard by having your dryer vents cleaned. Dryer vents tend to become clogged with highly flammable lint and other matter. Along with protecting your house from a possible fire hazard, dryer vent cleaning also increases the efficiency of your dryer. Find out more about our dryer vent cleaning services here




Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevent Dryer Fires

Roof Cleaning Services:

Regular roof cleaning can drastically prolong the life of one of the most expensive pieces of your house. There are several situations that necessitate roof cleaning: If you see bird droppings, your roof could be in danger of damage from uric acid. If you notice moss algae or lichen, it’s time to find yourself a roof cleaner. If you have flat roof, regular roof maintenance is an absolute must. Regular maintenance can save you a lot of money down the line. Find out more about our roof cleaning services here.




Roof Cleaning Helps Protect Your Roof

Gutter Cleaning and Covering Services:

Keeping your gutters cleaned out is a very important part of home maintenance. Gutter cleaning removes blockages caused by leaves and other detritus. If your gutters and down spouts are clogged, water will spill over and potentially flow under your roof and cause major water damage inside your house. If the gutters are not clear in the winter and water runoff has nowhere to go, you’ll find yourself with huge icicles which can damage your gutters permanently and even cause serious injury. The installation of gutter guards can lower the frequency with which you have to clean your gutters as well as look attractive. Read more about Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard Installation here.


Protect your Gutters with Leaf Proof Gutter Guards!

Gas Fireplace Maintenence Services

Keeping your gas fireplace safe and clean is important, just as important as having you furnace cleaned annually. Our technician has 10 years’ experience and is NFI Certified.  He also holds factory certification from four different manufacturers. Read more about our gas fireplace service here.
Protect your Gutters with Leaf Proof Gutter Guards!

Leaking Chimneys Repair Services

Keeping water out of your home is important. Leaking chimneys can be a real tough problem to solve. Our qualified technicians can inspect your chimney and tell you why the water leak in the chimney is occurring and fix it. Read more about our leaking chimney service here.
Protect your Gutters with Leaf Proof Gutter Guards!

Fireplace Surround and Mantels

At High’s Chimney, we can do more than clean and service your hearth. We can make it beautiful too.
As an authorized dealer of Pearl Mantels, we have direct access to fine furniture quality mantels and surrounds like these at low prices. Read more about our fireplace surrounds and mantels here.
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