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Professional air duct cleaning services for Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Helping you breathe easier in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC

Your home’s air ducts are subject to accumulation of debris. This debris can be a lot of things – dust, hair, hold, mildew, and even insects – all of which congregate in air ducts. This accumulation of debris in your air ducts can be a health risk and reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Allergen and mold accumulation in your air ducts can exacerbate allergies and cause sickness. Many types of mold can cause respiratory issues when inhaled. Mold can cause serious health issues such as asthma and allergic reactions if not taken care of.

Additionally, debris also blocks airflow and creates an extra strain on your heating and cooling systems. Besides bogging down your homes heating and cooling systems, clogged-up air ducts can drive the costs of running these systems way up. This is because they need more power to achieve the same temperatures as they did when the ducts were new and free from debris.

Our trained duct cleaning specialists use specialty equipment such as brushes and high powered vacuums to reach into the air duct and remove debris and clean the air duct walls, increasing your air quality and the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling.

You’ll also breathe easy knowing your duct cleaning work will be covered by High’s No-Nonsense Guarantee: “If you are ever dissatisfied, we will work with you until you are satisfied. In the unlikely event we are unable to satisfy you, we will give back your money.”

Don’t wait for your air quality to drop and your bills to go up. Schedule an appointment online or call us today at 1-888-444-4712

Breathe easier – have your air ducts professionally cleaned by High's Chimney Service!


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High's Company Policy:

..We have a strict company policy NEVER to sell unnecessary services. If your chimney DOES NOT need to be cleaned, we will tell you so and charge only a trip charge.

Our Service Area:

Based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, High’s Chimney services a large region including parts of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and most of the North and West Washington D.C. area. We cover Montgomery County, Frederick County, Prince George’s County, Loudoun County, Arlington County, and Fairfax County. In Maryland, we perform fireplace and chimney services in Potomac, Frederick, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Germantown, Olney, and Silver Spring, MD. We also cover Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean VA, Washington D.C. and all the nearby areas. Being local, we know the area extremely well and have a lot of experience with typical issues associated with the Maryland and greater Washington D.C. region.