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Brush Up on Your Fireplace & Chimney Terminology

How much do you know about your fireplace and chimney? Here are some common words and terms you may have heard but weren’t sure of their meaning. ASH DUMP: A space beneath the fireplace where ash can be collected and then removed. BAFFLE: A device that manages the direction of flue gases and can cause fires to burn more Read more

3 Ways to Keep Your Chimney Clean & Safe Between Chimney Sweep Visits

If you use your wood-burning fireplace, the chimney is going to collect its fair share of creosote and soot. There’s nothing you can do about that. But there is something you can do about how much buildup is added to the chimney each burning season. The reason this is important is because creosote is highly Read more

How Chimney’s Become Damaged and Dirty Over the Winter

Long Maryland winters mean a lot of fireplace use for many people. After months of running your fireplace, it’s not uncommon for minor damage to have occurred as well as the accumulation of excess creosote and soot. Let’s look at some of the reasons that chimneys become damaged and dirty over the winter. Creosote and Read more

Surprising Things That Happen To Chimneys In The Spring

Another brutal winter is over, and it’s time to forget all about your chimney and start getting ready for better weather with so much to do. Well, not exactly. Just because you aren’t regularly using your fireplace doesn’t mean that your chimney doesn’t need some attention. Here are some things that can happen to your chimney in the spring and how Read more

3 Pro Tips for a Stunning Fireplace Upgrade

Is your fireplace starting to get boring? Could it do with an upgrade to bring the excitement back and add some elegance in the process? Is the big problem simply that it’s not producing enough heat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on for some good news. Upgrade the look of your hearth area There are Read more

The Different Types of Chimney Caps

A great way to protect your chimney flue is by having a chimney cap installed. Yet many “standard” generic chimney caps cover only the opening of the flue pipe at the top of the chimney. That leaves the entire crown open to the environment. Let’s look at the differences between generic chimney caps and outside mount chimney caps. Reasons your chimney should have Read more

What to Yaba-Daba-DO to Light a Fire in a Fireplace

Welcome to the end of your frustration over not being able to light good fires in your fireplace! We have the answers–and you are certainly not alone if this situation applies to you. Here we are in a high-tech, instant-everything society and yet lighting a fire is quite literally a prehistoric activity. The actual same Read more

Why Is Cold Air Coming from My Fireplace?

The question about cold air coming from the fireplace is a question many homeowners have. Fortunately, there are only a few possible causes and several very effective remedies. Fireplace and chimney basics The basic structure and operation of a fireplace and chimney is something most homeowners readily understand. There’s a firebox, where fires burn, and Read more

Know the Protective Components of Your Chimney

As solidly built as chimneys are, they need a number of components to keep them working safely and efficiently. Let’s look at some of these chimney components and find out what they do and why it’s important. Chimney flue The flue, often just called the “chimney,” is the vertical interior passage that allows smoke to Read more

Why Is My Fireplace Cold & Drafty?

Assuming your fireplace and chimney system are in overall good working order, the answer why your fireplace is cold and drafty is fairly straightforward. Cold air from outside is getting into the chimney and flowing down to escape from the fireplace. There are several ways you can prevent this problem or lessen its impact. If you’re using a traditional masonry fireplace, Read more