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How To Repair Chimney Crown – Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Crown

Let’s be very honest; a whole long year of winter could be irritating sometimes. Isn’t it? Colder seasons bring in more responsibilities for everyone out there who has a chimney on their rooftop. More winter means more snow, rain, and fog, ultimately increasing home and infrastructure costs. This infrastructure includes a chimney, stove, fireplace, and Read more

Chimney Health Hazards

Chimney Health Hazards: Things You Should Know Our chimneys, in conjunction with the fireplaces they support, help to provide us with much warmth during the colder months. They can, however, have various adverse effects on our health. Of course, one shouldn’t live in fear of this, though it is wise to have a working knowledge Read more

Chimney Repair Masonry Chimney Damage

Regular maintenance on your masonry chimney will keep it looking great for years. In reality, though, regular maintenance falls through the cracks while you juggle work, life and family. Sometimes, even the most proactive homeowners will be surprised by damage left by previous owners. So while in a perfect world, repointing would be the only Read more

Reasons Chimney Leaks

Five Reasons for Chimney Leaks and What to Do About Them Causes of leaking chimneys can usually be narrowed down to five reasons. If your problem isn’t solved from addressing the items on this list, your leak probably isn’t from the chimney! #1 The Simplest Cause of Chimney Leaking: Rain Going Straight In from the Read more

Chimney Airflow Problems

Understanding chimney draft problems is not necessary for most people. Usually, if you notice smoke not rising from your chimney, you can call on a professional to fix the issues. This information is for those who really like to understand; it may be too much information for many people. I’ll do my best to keep Read more

How to Waterproof a Chimney

Asking what’s the best way to waterproof a chimney or what are the best waterproofing products are both understandable enough questions, but they’re also too broad for a simple answer. Best way to waterproof what kind of chimney? Are we waterproofing a vertical wall or the breast of the brickwork? There are brick, concrete block, Read more