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How Do You Stop Smoke From Crossing Over From One Fireplace Chimney To Another?

If you have two fireplaces with flues running up the same chimney structure, (like the picture) you are often a candidate for the problem of smoke crossover. Smoke crossover is when one chimney is breathing out smoke from the fire, and the other chimney is breathing in outside air to equalize the pressure in the Read more

Benefits Of A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Chimney liners are a vital element in the operation of your fireplace or wood stove. And when the liner has deteriorated, cracked or aged beyond its limit you have a choice of materials for the replacement chimney liner. Clay tile is a traditional choice for the liner, although you can also choose cement or aluminum. Read more

Chimney Caps Are Small Yet Powerful

One small feature on your chimney has a few very important jobs. Despite their size, chimney caps are an affordable addition with a powerful purpose. They keep out pests that are attracted to the warmth and cozy conditions in your chimney. They also help to keep harmful weather conditions from entering and causing premature deterioration Read more

What Is A Chimney Sweep?

Not necessarily the singing and dancing workers of classic movies, a chimney sweep is also known as a chimney service technician. Hiring a skilled and experienced chimney sweep to handle your chimney maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your family and home safe from fire. Chimney sweeps are trained to detect and Read more

Four Common Chimney Problems

1. Bricks cracking and falling off the chimney: The problem is that your chimney bricks are absorbing water and then during normal freeze/thaw cycles the bricks are breaking apart and falling off. The solution is to apply a waterproofing to the outside of the chimney. Waterproofing will prevent water penetrating your chimney and the cracking Read more

The Most Common Chimney Cleaning Mistakes

Ever wonder what the more common chimney cleaning mistakes are? Here is a comprehensive list of the top mistakes: 1) I use chimney sweeping logs, salt or other chemical means to keep soot from building up in my chimney, so it doesn’t need sweeping. These products can reduce the buildup of creosote but do not Read more

When And How To Service Your Gas Heating Appliances

Late Fall: time to cover the outdoor grill, in most of the country. It’s also a great time to have the barbeque serviced, so it will be ready to go next Spring. It’s also time to think about your fireplace insert or gas stove. If you’re planning to be indoors for the next few months, Read more

Dryer Vent Cleaning, Why Is It Necessary?

There are many advantages to be had simply by keeping your home’s dryer vents clean, including increased safety and money savings. Clothes dryer fires and hazardous carbon dioxide emissions often start with problems in the dryer’s venting system or lint trap area. Why these two places? Because the lack of proper vent cleaning and the Read more

Ducts? Cleaning? Why Do I Care About Duct Cleaning?

Most homes have a forced air system of central heating and cooling. The hot and cold air gets to the rooms of the home through ducts and registers. Even with the best filters in place at the blower motor, dust and other pollutants still get by and get trapped in the ducts.   The trapped Read more

How Gutter Guards Can Save You A Lot of Time

Leaves are beautiful creations of nature that lend splendor and grace to any outdoor venue — that is, just as long as they stay on the trees. Sadly, when the fall season comes around, it inevitably leads to a torrent of leaves on the ground, as well as on the rooftop of your home. No Read more