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Chimney Caps Are Small Yet Powerful

One small feature on your chimney has a few very important jobs. Despite their size, chimney caps are an affordable addition with a powerful purpose. They keep out pests that are attracted to the warmth and cozy conditions in your chimney. They also help to keep harmful weather conditions from entering and causing premature deterioration of the liner and other elements.

Chimney Cap replacement in Mclean MDYou need a chimney cap to properly protect this essential parts of your home. Caps also add a distinctive architectural look on your home’s exterior, which prevents them from being an outright eyesore to your beautiful home. Like a cupola over a roof, caps finish off the chimney with flair.

Different Chimney Cap Materials

There are a variety of designs and materials available for this chimney component. Most often you will see stainless steel chimney caps, along with cast iron and distinct aluminum. More decorative styles are made from copper and display the unique coloring of this specific type of medal.

Essential Designs

When shopping for a replacement chimney cap, be sure to choose one that has a built in screen to trap sparks inside the chimney. This type of cap is often referred to as a spark arrestor style. The mesh (which is generally made with spaces between 1/4″ and 1”) will protect your roof and any surrounding vegetation from damage due to the heated debris that can escape out your chimney.

It’s important to find out how many flues or clay liners your chimney currently has. This number will determine which chimney cap is suitable. There are products that fit one or two liners, as well as some that can adapt to multiple flues. Look for a chimney cap manufactured for use with a round clay liner if that’s what you need.

Essential to protect your chimney, as well as the area surrounding the chimney opening, a chimney cap should be in suitable condition to ensure proper usage. Your chimney sweep will likely inspect the cap during routine maintenance visits and advise you when it should be replaced with a brand new cap.