CSIA Certified Chimney Cleaning - Clean Your Dirty, Smelly Chimney
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Chimney Cleaning Services

certified chimney cleaning dirty chimney in fairfax countyHigh’s Chimney Service strives to offer our clients superior chimney repairs and maintenance plans to ensure their property is safe and efficient. We use the latest technology, such as our high-resolution cameras which help us detect problems for us to find effective solutions. Our company is trusted by over 70,000 in the area. Our competent employees always wear ID badges to ensure your safety. Below we discuss what you can expect from our proper chimney maintenance services.

  • Our company works hard to save you money by looking for solutions to make your fireplace more efficient.
  • We close off openings from the outside through our chimney caps to deter animals from entering through the chimney. Our stainless steel covers are aesthetically pleasing why keeping unwanted critters, debris, and water from entering through your home.
  • We find solutions to remove excess heat from being transmitted throughout your house from your chimney.
  • Our chimney cleaning services lead to a better draft, which leads to a better efficiency of your chimney.
  • When you look to our company for a chimney sweep in Washington, DC you can expect cleaner and less toxic smoke.

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