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Chimney Maintenance and Installation Tips

Chimneys are an important part of your home’s architecture. If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing house to install a wood burning fireplace this element needs some serious planning and design. That’s because the installation and maintenance of your chimney will make a big difference in the operation of your wood burning fireplace or wood stove.

Match The Chimney Size To The Hearth Appliance

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In simple terms, your chimney flue should be the same size as the flue on your wood stove or fireplace insert. In the case of chimneys, bigger is not better – it only creates an imbalance of airflow. Flue gas will flow up and out faster in a small chimney, producing a healthier, cleaner system.

Keep It Tall

Your chimney should be an absolute minimum of 15 feet tall (from the floor to the exhaust point). Although this isn’t a problem in most homes, make sure your cottage or mobile home system meets this minimum requirement. Taller chimneys actually produce a better system that will allow for easier lighting of the fire and better exhaust. If your chimney is below this
height it could potentially endanger the safety of your family and neighborhood.

Regular Maintenance Is Vital

Keeping your chimney clean is important not only for its operation but for your safety. Chimney fires are common and highly dangerous, mainly caused by creosote build-up. Having a certified technician inspect and clean your chimney at least once per year is essential. The minimal cost will allow you to enjoy cleaner fires that are easier to light and maintain. You can also rest assured that your chimney system is holding up well and stay on top of any necessary chimney repairs.

The services of a knowledgeable chimney technician are valuable. For design, installation and chimney maintenance, get a pro on your side and enjoy your hearth as you were meant to.