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High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, provides chimney sweep, chimney inspection and chimney repairs for our customers in Colesville, MD, Cloverly, MD, Olny, MD, Fulton, MD, and other communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Every chimney needs some TLC, and the best way to supply it is with CSIA- and CCP-certified technicians who are experienced in all manner of chimney services.

We provide what homeowners need to keep their chimneys clean, safe and fully operational.

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Chimney Cleaning

Professional chimney sweep services accomplish two primary objectives:

1. Keep your chimney free of obstructions

Any kind of blockage in your chimney can lead to dangerous operational conditions.  Blockages can include:

  • Nests of small animals like birds, mice, squirrels and chipmunks
  • The small animals who have died in there
  • Twigs, leaves and small broken branches from nearby trees
  • Various dust and grime from the air
  • Obstructed chimneys can cause smoke to draft poorly and back up into the house – and with smoke, there’s deadly carbon monoxide.

Creosote is formed when wood smoke condenses in the flue.  It’s a sticky substance that’s very flammable.  Certified chimney sweeps have the equipment and training to remove creosote safely and thereby prevent one of the thousands of chimney fires caused each year by excess creosote.

Chimney Inspection

A chimney and fireplace have multiple components, all of which over time can begin to erode, break down or wear out.  Inspectors certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and Certified Chimney Professionals are able to see things going on with your chimney that the average person can’t see.

Our technicians know every inch of your chimney system and have years of training and hands-on experience in spotting problem areas and faulty components.  We use specialized equipment to assist is in all our chimney inspections.  When repair is necessary, we’re ready to get to work.

Chimney Repair

No matter what’s happening within your chimney system, we can perform expert chimney repair services to restore safe and efficient operation.

Chimney liner repair/replacement: Your liner protects the chimney’s interior masonry areas from the high heat produced in the fireplace.  We repair and replace chimney liners.

Chimney chase top repair/replacement: The chimney chase top is like a lid over the top opening of the flue, serving as a guard against rain and various debris.  If your chase top is damaged, we can repair or replace it.

Chimney cap repair/replacement: Chimney caps, which also shield the flue from water and debris, may suffer damage that requires repair work or replacement with a new cap.

Chimney leaks: Rain water eventually will erode bricks and mortar and cause a leaky chimney.  Caught early by a chimney inspection, leaks usually are easy to repair.

Chimney flashing repair/replacement: The flashing that seals off the intersection of the roof and the chimney can become warped and allow water to run down into the house.  Our techs can repair or replace damaged flashing.

Chimney Repair in Germantown MDMasonry Repair

When chimney masonry begins showing signs of damage, you need an experienced professional to restore safety to the structure through expert masonry repair.

Chimney crown repair/rebuilding:

Cracks in a chimney crown are common, and if not addressed they can lead to serious water and structural damage.  The cement crown at the top of your chimney is there to protect the bricks from destructive water.  Cracked crowns need to be repaired.  Severely damaged crowns should be rebuilt.


Parging is a process that smooths out the surface of the smoke chamber and other areas of the chimney with a mortar application.  The goal is to give smoke a smooth and easy path to draft.

Brick repair/tuckpointing:

If you notice crumbling of your chimney’s bricks, it’s time to have an expert perform necessary repairs.  A process known as tuckpointing fills in open areas within the chimney’s masonry with mortar to keep damage from spreading.

Chimney rebuilding:

In severe cases, complete chimney rebuilding might be necessary to ensure the safety of those who live in the home and of the home itself.  A leaning chimney or one that is losing bricks is unsafe and needs to be rebuilt.

High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, provides a full menu of chimney services in communities throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Call us today for expert repair, inspection, rebuilding and chimney sweep services.