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Chimney leak inspection and repair services for Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Chimney Repair and Masonry Services in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern VirginiaWe diagnose and repair chimneys all year.

Leaky chimneys cause thousands of dollars in damage each year. Below are some of the most common problems which we fix for our customers. If you believe one or more of the problems are causing water to enter your home, please contact us right away for an inspection.


Chimney Cover Repair

A chimney without a cover gets a lot of rain falling straight down into it. Chimney covers not only prevent rain from getting into the chimney top but also birds, animals and debris. It's ability to prevent direct water damage from rain and blockage caused by animals makes the chimney cover an effective form of safety.


Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown is a cement surround on top of the chimney. The bricks go up around the clay tile flue liner, but at the top you need something to stop the rain and snow from just falling in around the tiles. Cracks in the chimney crown can occur from shifting of the structure or from shrinkage dating back to the first day the cement crown was put on. When you crown cracks, water goes right through those cracks. It is important to seal these cracks right away to prevent futher damage to the chimney top.


Chimney Flashing Repair

The flashing is what keeps water from entering the area where the chimney goes through/penetrates the roof (or otherwise comes close to the roof). There is a fairly large gap between the bricks and the roof that water can pour through unless it is sealed up. Flashing is made from metal that inserts under the shingles and up the side of the chimney. Then another piece of metal is attached to the chimney that has bend at the top of the flashing. The bend at the top of the flashing should be inserted into a groove that is cut into the chimney. This bond should be sealed to prevent water from entering. Depending on the type of metal/sealant used, (Often times, roof tar, which is far from the optimum choice, is used.) flashing/seals do deteriorate and will not last forever.

There are better materials for sealing flashings now. We use Flash Seal by Saver Systems. It seals better and lasts longer.

Chimney Masonry Repair

Bricks and mortar both pass water, and lots of it. It is the same problem chimney crowns have - freezing and thawing all winter long with the resulting damage which causes leaks in the house. Performing a Masonry Absorbtion Test (MAT) will tell us how much water your chimney is absorbing. The test will show if the chimney has proper waterproofing. If it doesn't we will advise you on the right course of action to prevent water damage.


Our 10 Year Masonry Warranty

  • Our repairs will hold for at least 10 years.
  • If our repair fails, we will repair it and re-waterproof the area at no charge.
  • Includes repointing (tuck pointing), brickwork, stonework and crowns.
  • Exception: occurences such as tornados, fire, lightning, tree-strike, settlement or Acts of God.

Certified CSIA Chimney Sweep



As a measurement of technical expertise, the CSIA certifies chimney and venting professionals. The CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® credentials are the hallmark of excellence among chimney and venting service professionals. Professionals who have earned the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep credentials have demonstrated their commitment to fire and chimney safety. - Learn more at: www.csia.org

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High's Company Policy:

..We have a strict company policy NEVER to sell unnecessary services. If your chimney DOES NOT need to be cleaned, we will tell you so and charge only a trip charge.

Our Service Area:

Based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, High’s Chimney services a large region including parts of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and most of the North and West Washington D.C. area. We cover Montgomery County, Frederick County, Prince George’s County, Loudoun County, Arlington County, and Fairfax County. In Maryland, we perform fireplace and chimney services in Potomac, Frederick, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Germantown, Olney, and Silver Spring, MD. We also cover Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean VA, Washington D.C. and all the nearby areas. Being local, we know the area extremely well and have a lot of experience with typical issues associated with the Maryland and greater Washington D.C. region.