Dryer Vent Cleaning in Gaithersburg, MD

Remove a huge potential fire hazard by having your dryer vents cleaned. Dryer vents tend to become clogged with highly flammable lint and other matter. Along with protecting your house from a possible fire hazard, dryer vent cleaning also increases the efficiency of your dryer.

Today, statistics show that there are more dryer vent fires than chimney fires. Lint build-up in a dryer vent is not only a fire hazard but also a tremendous money waster. When your dryer vent is clogged or partially clogged with lint, it can take twice to four times as long to dry clothes. You spend a lot of extra money on electricity or gas and you replace your dryer two to four times as often as you would if you had cleaned the vent. High’s Chimney will take care of that for you.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • The venting system is cleaned thoroughly, inside and out.
  • We disconnect the dryer vent and clean behind the dryer.
  • We clean with a spinning brush on extension rods.
  • We ensure the venting system is running optimally before the job is done.

About Dryer Vent Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association recommends thoroughly cleaning dryer vents regularly. Vents get obstructed because lint traps don’t catch all the lint and combustible materials, and vents (especially those with many bends) can also get blocked by debris such as animal nesting.

Cleaning dryer vents regularly has three big benefits:

  • Maintenance: Clean vents result in dryers with longer lifespans.
  • Efficiency: Cleaning vents increases dryer efficiency, speeding up drying time, as well as saving energy and money.
  • Safety: Every year in the US, thousands of fires are caused by dirty dryer vents. In addition, gas dryers may be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning if there is vent blockage.

It’s recommended to thoroughly clean your dryer every one to three years, depending on usage and other factors. A good sign your dryer vents need to be cleaned is if clothes take noticeably longer time to dry.

Vents Cleaned the High’s Chimney Way

High’s Chimney’s professional and friendly technicians have the equipment and experience to clean your dryer vents thoroughly, safely, and without making things dirty.

We clean the vents thoroughly, from the inside of your house to the outside exhaust. We clean every bend and every part of the venting system. Our special vacuum captures loose and airborne debris so it does not get in your home. We also check the air velocity before and after the job is done to ensure the venting system is running optimally.

Before we finish up, we make sure everything in your house is back where it belongs and as clean as when we started.

So if you have dryer vents in need of a proper cleaning in the greater Washington, DC, area, please schedule an appointment online or call us.

Contact us to learn more about our dryer vent cleaning services. We proudly serve clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.