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Easy Assessment

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Once you contact us, we will schedule a convenient time for our CSIA Certified Chimney Technician to Visit Your Roof! If you have a suspicion that your chimney may be in need of some TLC, the only way to tell is to have a professional get up close and personal with your chimney! Signs of problems can include leaks inside your fireplace or on the ceiling above your fireplace, missing bricks, cracks or deteriorated mortar, missing chimney cap or white (of dark) staining on your chimney.

Our Chimney Professionals will notify you that they have arrived at your home via phone call. You do not even need to be home if you are not able to be there. IF you are home feel free to step outside if you like, we will be practicing Social Distancing at all times of course! We will do all of the inspection required to determine the health of your chimney system. Looking both at the outside and the inside of the structure. We will gather all of the photos and measurements that needed to formulate our Easy Assessment.

One of the most informative features offered is to actually show you what we are seeing live from your roof! We will email you a link that will allow you to connect with our technician while he uses his camera to show you his findings. No downloads, just an internet connection. Using your computer inside your home (or even while you are at a another location) you will see an up close view that will help you understand any problem areas should they be found. Or we may just be able to show you what greaat shape your chimney is in!

Every chimney has a number of important components that all should be working well together to keep your home and family safer and warm too. The chimney cap keeps water and animals from entering your flue. The chimney flashing is located at the base of the chimney where it meets the roof. Flashing needs to be sound in order to keep water from going into your home. Many chimneys have a cement crown that forms top section of the chimney and is designed to protect the structural integrity of the entire chimney.

Safety is so important during these days, and we will follow all the proper protocols to keep our customers and our employees safe and healthy. Many of the chimney repairs that we offer do not even require entering the home, in fact we don't even have to ring your door bell! But when a safety concern like leaks, CO2 or chimney fire damage require we know how to work properly during the current crisis. That means wearing masks, respirators, booties, cleaning all surfaces thoroughly and more.

Our technicians will return to the office and put together your Easy Assessment. This will include all of the data that they discovered during their inspection of your chimney. IF there are problems we are required to notify consumers of the dangers that may be present. We will also recommend the best course of action to remedy your particular chimney problem. We can provide a price to complete any repairs if you like. It will be totally up to you of course what action you take after our Easy Assessment is completed.

We can email you many of the details that were discovered during the Easy Assessment. Better yet, if you like we can schedule a time when one of our staff can share a screen with you to discuss the findings in detail. Here you will be able to see the photos that were taken of your chimney and learn more about the particulars of any potential problem areas. If we have provided a proposal to repair the chimney, you will be able to view that as well. We want to make sure that our customers fully understand our proposal.

Once your questions have been answered and you fully understand the situation, IF you would like to schedule any repair work to be done our staff will work out a mutually agreeable schedule and we can book your job. During the Spring and Summer most of our work is done on roofs - repairing chimneys, adding chimney liners, doing masonry repairs and rebuilds, building chimney crowns, fixing chimney flashing, installing chimney caps and waterproofing chimneys. Again this means that our crew will not need to have any "In-Person" contact with you while most jobs are being completed.

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