How Can I Give My Fireplace A Makeover This Summer?
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Summer Is the Perfect Time for A Fireplace Makeover

There’s no reason you should live with a fireplace that’s boring and does little or nothing to accent the décor of your home. A fireplace makeover – large-scale or small-scale – can make a stunning difference in the aesthetics of your room and give you yet another reason to enjoy your fireplace.

What is a fireplace makeover?

Fireplace makeover in Gaithersburg MD

We’re not talking here about making any changes to the actual fireplace but rather to everything around it. A fireplace makeover or redesign can include adding a new fireplace surround, mantel, glass doors, decorative safety screen, tool set and more. Let’s look at some ideas that might be perfect for your summer makeover project.

Fireplace surrounds

A fireplace surround is a custom-built or pre-made wall treatment that borders your fireplace. Surrounds can be fashioned of real or faux stone, brick, wood, tile and many other attractive materials. Simple surrounds extend just a foot or two from the outside edges of the fireplace. More elaborate surrounds can take up the entire wall and include recessed shelving areas to add your own tasteful touches. Fireplace surrounds can be built or installed around masonry fireplaces or factory-built zero clearance fireplaces.


If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel above it, this one makeover project alone can add significant elegance and beauty to your hearth area. Mantels serve not only as aesthetic pieces but also as shelving for books, portraits, antiques, flowers, kids’ artwork and anything else that enhances your hearth area.

Glass fireplace doors

fireplace service in Gaithersburg MDSophisticated glass fireplace doors are a perfect finishing touch to any fireplace makeover or refacing project. Along with looking gorgeous, they provide solid protection against drafts and fireplace debris as well as a barrier for young children and pets. Glass doors are available in many shapes, sizes, finishes and design styles, making it easy to find a set that delights you.

Fireplace screens

Another way to raise the aesthetic quality of your fireplace area is with a protective fireplace screen.

While a screen won’t control air drafts, it is an excellent way to keep popping embers from getting on carpet, flooring or nearby furniture. Fireplace screens also serve as protection for kids and pets when the fireplace is in use. Lots of styles and colors are available.

Tool sets

What fireplace could be complete without a handsome tool set at the side of the firebox? Tool sets typically include a broom, tongs, a poker and a shovel that add beauty and help you tend your fire.

More fireplace-area remodel/makeover ideas

Add even more luster and charm to your hearth area with:

  • A lovely hearth rug
  • A sturdy log storage rack
  • Stylish matches and a match decanter
  • Logbarrow for great looks and convenience in hauling logs
  • A designer hearth pad

Summer is the perfect time to plan and execute the fireplace makeover you’ve been dreaming about. High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, can help you find all the items you need and perform all necessary installation or customization work to totally renovate your hearth area. Find out more about a summer fireplace makeover by calling (301) 519-3500.