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Fireplace Installations In The DC Area

High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, offers expert gas fireplace installations and wood fireplace installations in Colesville, MD, Cloverly, MD, Olny, MD, Fulton, MD, and other communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

gas fireplace installation in DCAre you considering adding a fireplace to your main room, or maybe in other, smaller rooms for great zone heating?  There’s never been a better time to bring in a new gas or wood fireplace and start enjoying the benefits.

Get the best in modern heat and luxury with professional gas and wood fireplace installations – every job customized to add beauty to your home.

Fireplaces historically have been centerpieces within homes.  People love gathering around them to unwind and entertain.  If your home is missing this important amenity, imagine how nice life would be with a high-performing gas or wood fireplace always there to take the chill off and accent your décor with fantastic aesthetic appeal.

Gas Fireplace Installations

Getting a new gas fireplace installed in your home is easy when you have certified, experienced technicians doing the job.  Gas is a popular fuel for many reasons.  Here are a few of them:

  • High heating efficiency rating means more of the heat from the flames is available to warm you and your room.
  • Push-button or remote control lets you start fires quickly and completely extinguish them when you choose.
  • Log sets are designed to look like real, burning wood.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.
  • Gas fireplaces are available in numerous sizes, shapes, finishes and colors – it won’t be hard to find one you love.
  • You can place gas fireplaces in many rooms of the home for instant zone heating.
  • No messing with crumbly logs or cleaning up after them.

Wood Fireplace Installations

Wood fireplaces by Regency and Hampton are built to last and provide far greater heat-efficiency than any old-fashioned masonry fireplace.  Custom wood fireplace installations give you plenty of choices on where to place the unit and exactly what design features you desire in your new fireplace and hearth area.  Why go with wood?

  • Modern wood fireplaces include technologies that reduce emissions and provide hotter and more complete burns.
  • Real burning wood has a look that’s all its own.
  • A roaring wood fire adds a rustic aroma to the room along with the unmistakable sounds of popping and crackling logs.
  • Wood fireplaces have a tradition that goes back for centuries.
  • Wood logs are an economical fuel – especially if you enjoy cutting your own wood.
  • Now wood fireplaces come in sizes to heat entire homes or add supplemental heat to select areas.

wood burning fireplace

Questions to ask as you prepare for a new fireplace installation

  1. What fuel is best?
  2. How much physical involvement do I want to put into running my fireplace?
  3. Where within my home will I have my fireplace installed?
  4. How much heat should my fireplace produce?
  5. What’s the ideal size for a new fireplace?

Our certified technicians are experts in all types of fireplace installations and can help you answer these and other important questions.  They also can help you select the perfect model that will meet your needs for many years to come.

High’s Chimney Service located in Gaithersburg, MD, provides complete fireplace installations along with chimney sweep, chimney inspection and chimney repair services for customers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.