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Free-Standing Gas Stoves

High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, can help you select the right free-standing gas stove for your home and provide professional installation.  We serve Glenwood, MD, Poolesville, MD, Darnestown, MD, Travilah, MD, and other communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Gas stoves in Darnestown MDThere’s a reason they’re called “gas heating stoves.”  “Gas,” because they can run on natural gas or propane, and “heating,” because they’re not just appliances that are pretty to look at.  They’re high heat producers that would be welcomed in any home on a cold, frosty night.

Free-standing gas stoves come with very high heat-efficiency ratings and easy operation.  Once you’ve witness the difference of a modern gas heating stove, you’ll be a fan for life.




Today’s gas stoves are lovely appliances that enhance the décor of any home – they’re nothing like the old pot-bellied stoves of yesteryear.  A gas stove installation performed by certified technicians will bring you many enjoyable benefits.  Here are some of them.

Amazing Heat

Gas stoves by top makers such as Regency and Hampton carry heat-efficiency ratings of 80% or more.  This rating tells you the percentage of heat an appliance produces that is transferred into the room rather than up the vent pipe.  As visually appealing as traditional masonry fireplaces are, most of them get ratings in the 20% zone – not good choices if pleasurable heat is what you’re after.

Zone-heating Options

Many free-standing gas stoves are big and powerful enough to heat huge rooms.  For smaller rooms, smaller gas stoves are ideal.  They provide quick zone heating for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dens and other rooms with less square footage to heat.  Gas stove installations in multiple rooms is becoming a trend.

free standing gas stove in Chevy Chase MDAlmost Maintenance-free

Have you ever used a little square space heater?  It’s pretty easy, isn’t it.  Well, that’s about how easy operating a gas heating stove is.  A simple control on the unit or a remote cranks on the heat and turns it off.  Adjusting the level of warmth is easy.  There are no ashes or wood chips to deal with.  A basic annual check-up from a certified chimney sweep will keep your stove running well for many years.

Easy Venting

When having a gas stove installed, there’s no need for a chimney or any kind of major building or re-construction.  A stove pipe through the ceiling or a wall is all that’s needed to ensure safe venting.  Easy venting is the reason free-standing gas stoves are so easy to place virtually anywhere in a home.

Beautiful Designs

Modern gas stoves come in an exciting range of sizes, shapes, designs and finishes, making it easy to select the model that not only fulfills you need for heat but also matches your aesthetic tastes and current home décor.  A new gas heating stove truly is a beautiful addition your home and your life.

Our technicians are happy to help you choose the best gas stove and then expertly install it for worry-free operation for years to come.  If you think a gas stove would be ideal for your home, contact us at (301) 519-3500.  High’s Chimney Service performs gas stove installations in communities throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.