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Gas Fireplace Repair and Installation. We service Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.


  • Check Thermopile Voltage
  • Check Water Column
  • Check for Leaks
  • Clean the Pilot Assebly
  • Clean the Burner & Pan
  • Clean the Firebox
  • Clean the Logs
  • Clean the Glass
  • Replace the Embers and Sand
  • Run Diagnostics on Remote Control

We perform gas fireplace repair, inspection, installation, and maintenance in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. Looking to install a gas fireplace? See some of the gas fireplace inserts we carry.


To help ensure the safety of your home and family this year, make sure you have your annual inspection of your gas fireplace by High's Chimney.

Our technician has 10 years’ experience and is NFI Certified.  He also holds factory certification from four different manufacturers. 


Items on our gas fireplace service checklist:

  • Vital Operational Statistics
    • Thermal Couple Voltage
    • Thermopile Voltage
    • Operator Head Voltage
    • Switch Circuit Voltage
    • Incoming Gas Pressure
    • Outgoing Gas Pressure
  • Ignition and Burning System
    • Check Pilot Light
    • Check Burners
    • Check for Splits or Cracks
    • Make sure they are free of debris
    • Clean and proper Burning Flame
    • Check remote thermostat turns burner on and off smoothly.
    • Check / change batteries in remote.
  • Appliance Glass
    • Door Latch Systems
    • Gasket
    • Scratches or Chips
    • Clean
  • Log/Firebricks
    • Clean and free of Soot
    • Crumbling or Broken
    • Properly Located and Positioned
  • Clearances
    • Furniture
    • Mantel and Surrounds
    • Non Combustible Facing Requirements
    • Required Hearth Extension
    • Side Walls
  • Interior Firebox / Exterior Surface
    • Clean out Dust and Debris- Interior
    • Check Joints for Cracks or leaks-Interior Touch up Paint as Necessary- Interior & Exterior
  • Fan/Blower
    • Clean out dust and / or debris
    • Check operation
  • Safety Systems / Venting Systems
    • Check for gas leaks
    • Venting termination
    • Termination Clearances
    • Clean and free of debris

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High's Company Policy:

..We have a strict company policy NEVER to sell unnecessary services. If your chimney DOES NOT need to be cleaned, we will tell you so and charge only a trip charge.

Our Service Area:

Based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, High’s Chimney services a large region including parts of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and most of the North and West Washington D.C. area. We cover Montgomery County, Frederick County, Prince George’s County, Loudoun County, Arlington County, and Fairfax County. In Maryland, we perform fireplace and chimney services in Potomac, Frederick, Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Germantown, Olney, and Silver Spring, MD. We also cover Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean VA, Washington D.C. and all the nearby areas. Being local, we know the area extremely well and have a lot of experience with typical issues associated with the Maryland and greater Washington D.C. region.