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Chimney Sweep In Glenwood, MD | Chimney Repair & Rebuilding | Fireplace, Stove & Insert Install

High’s Chimney Service is located in Gaithersburg, MD, close to our customers in Glenwood, MD, who require professional chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, chimney repair and home-heating appliance installations at any time throughout the year.  We have the experience and national certifications to ensure your expectations will be exceeded.

glenwood md dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweep, chimney repair, and fireplace installation

You may from time to time see our work vehicles driving on Hwy. 97, Burntwoods Rd. or Union Chapel Rd.  If you do, you know we’re making another service call to satisfy another customer.  Along with Glenwood, we serve the nearby communities of Daisy, MD, Inwood, MD, Ivory, MD, and Roxbury Mills, MD.

certified chimney cleaning dirty chimney in glenwood mdChimney Sweep

High’s Chimney Service holds membership with the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and our chimney experts are certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America.  Our experience has taught us that chimneys connected to wood-burning fireplaces need annual inspections to remove flammable creosote buildup.  Cleaning also is needed to ensure there are no obstructions such as animal nests, leaves, twigs or other debris creating an air-flow problem.  Count on us for complete chimney cleaning.

Chimney Repairs

Our team members also hold designations as National Fireplace Institute certified technicians.  We have the knowledge and tools to make all types of chimney repairs including:

  • Chimney liner repair
  • Chimney chase top repair
  • Chimney cap repair
  • Chimney flashing repair
  • Fireplace damper repair
  • Repairs to the chimney’s masonry

If any of these components aren’t in good working shape, you may end up with a repair bill that far outweighs what it would cost if the problems were solved early.  Each fireplace and chimney component is there for a reason, and it’s our job to make sure our Glenwood, MD, customers have everything working exactly as it should.

leaky chimney repair and chimney rebuilding in glenwood mdChimney Leak In Glenwood

Do you have a leaky chimney?  Have you noticed offensive odors coming from the fireplace?  What about discolored chimney bricks or walls near the fireplace?  Is there water in your firebox?  These all point to some kind of chimney leak.  We will perform a thorough inspection to track down the source of the leak and then initiate speedy repairs.  A leaky chimney is not safe to use and needs to be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent significant damage.

Chimney Masonry Work

Our chimney masonry work includes the use of a spray sealant to keep water out of small cracks.  We also do tuckpointing, a process in which damaged areas of brick and mortar are removed and replaced with a strong new compound.  Any compromise to a chimney’s masonry can allow water to infiltrate the system.  Once inside, water will freeze and expand, leading to more and more damage over time.

Chimney Rebuilding

For chimneys that are seriously damaged from wear, harsh weather or simple old age, High’s Chimney Service can do complete or partial chimney rebuilding.  When a significant amount of masonry is dislodging from the chimney structure, you can actually experience a total chimney collapse.  This can cause damage to your roof as well as to people in the vicinity of the chimney.  We take chimney rebuilding very seriously, because your safety is our #1 concern.

Fireplace & Stove Sales / Installation

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert, let us help you decide which model and style would be best for your home.

Regency Classic™ F1100 Small Wood Stove in glenwood mdWood stoves

Today’s wood stoves come in designs from basic to fancy, and they give you welcomed heat whenever you need it.

Freestanding gas heating stoves

A gas stove means convenience and exceptional heat efficiency, delivered through lovely designs that will compliment any home’s décor.

Gas fireplaces

If you prefer a fireplace that runs on gas, you’ll have an appliance that needs very little care and gives predictable performance year after year.

Wood-burning fireplaces

Maybe a traditional fire with real wood and leaping flames is more to your taste; if so, check out some of the handsome new wood fireplaces on the market these days.

glenwood md Regency Classic I3100 Large Wood Stove InsertWood-burning inserts

If you have a big masonry fireplace and want something more efficient and eye-catching, a factory-built wood-burning insert is a good choice.

Gas fireplace inserts

Gas inserts provide superior heating performance and none of the mess or fuss that’s common with wood-burning models.

When you’ve made your selection, you can have our technicians install your new appliance for you.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

We perform complete air duct cleaning and clothes dryer vent cleaning to keep the appliances that use these vents running smoothly.

Glenwood, MD, homeowners rely on High’s Chimney Service for expert chimney cleaning, chimney inspection and chimney repair.  We’re standing by to help with all your fireplace, stove and chimney needs.