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Gutter Shields & Gutter Cleaning

Gutters do more than keep water from pouring off your roof: they protect your home from water damage. This water damage is seen in more ways than just a damp basement. Water can damage your roofing, seep into your walls and even find its way into you foundation. It can destroy your gutters and deteriorate masonry. Water is the main cause of daily wear and tear around your home. Despite this, many homeowners fail to properly maintain their gutters. To effectively divert water away from your home, gutter cleaning is a part of necessary regular maintenace unless you have a gutter shield installed.

Gutter cleaning in Colesville MDThe easiest way to keep you gutters functioning properly is to install gutter shields. Keeping your gutters clean is important all year long. After the first big winter storm and the remaining leaves have finally fallen, you won’t have to worry about braving the elements and an icy ladder to make sure your gutter can withstand the winters many freeze and thaw cycles.

We install Leafproof nailless gutter shields. These specially designed gutter shields require no nails, yet prevent leaves and even seeds from entering and clogging your gutter system. Leafproof gutter shields are made of solid aluminum. The Leafproof system installs under the first two rows of shingles to lay flush with your roof and uses waters natural surface tension to transfer water down an S bend. This slows the speed of the running water and allows water pressure to push the leaves and debris off your roof as the water drains into your gutters.

Leafproof outperforms other gutter shield systems. Mesh or screened shields tend to catch debris in the shield creating a backup of water and debris which can damage your shingles and renders your gutters useless. Heavy snow or ice tends to cause mesh shields to cave in. Vinyl shields are susceptible to warping and can be chewed through by rodents and small birds looking to build a nest in your gutters. Domed shields create an unsightly profile for your home. Domed shield also  need to be nailed or screwed in place, which increases the possibility of leaks. Combination gutter shields leave gaps where nests can be built, and often expose the edge of the roof to water.

For this reason, we at High’s Chimney provide Leafproof gutter shields for our clients in Washington DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland. Their superior performance gives you peace of mind that your gutters are protecting your home from water damage all year round. So if your gutters “leaf” much to be desired, give us a call. Our professional and knowledgeable staff would love to work with you to ensure your home is as beautiful as it is functional.