How Long Does a Chimney Sweep Take?
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How Long Does a Chimney Sweep Take?

If you’re planning to schedule a chimney inspection or cleaning, but wondering how long it takes, then you have landed the right blog. 

So every flue is different, that’s why on average, a thorough cleaning process can take about 45 minutes and can go up to an hour. Though, this time can extend for a number of different reasons; if there is creosote present in your flue, if the flue is damaged in any way, or if there are blockages such as birds’ nests.

If your chimney cleaning requires more time than you expected, it’s good to ask why and understand the problem. 

However, it’s highly recommended that you take a chimney sweep service once or twice a year to avoid chimney leakage or cracks.

Which Factors Can Cause a Chimney Sweep to Take Longer?

A chimney sweep’s period of time may take longer than expected because of a variety of factors, including:

1: Number of Fireplaces

For instance, if you have two or three fireplaces in your home then the process of cleaning your chimney flue can take longer. However, if your home is in the region of Maryland, then you can contact High’s Chimney by calling 301-519-3500.  

2. Time Of Last Sweep

As we mentioned, it’s important to get the chimney inspection and cleaning once or twice a year. But if you haven’t had your chimney swept in many years, there will likely be a lot of creosote buildup in your chimney.

That’s why it may take longer to remove a thicker layer of creosote. Otherwise, it will allow flammable creosote to continue to build up inside your chimney.

3. Chimney Blockages 

During the process, if our chimney inspectors locate any sort of blockage in the chimney flue, then it can increase the completion time of the chimney sweep. 

What are the blockages in a chimney flue?

Basically, it could be an animal nest or a dead animal. Or, maybe because of debris falling into the flue.

However, to avoid these types of blockages, it’s highly recommended to use chimney chase covers

The Process of Chimney Sweep 

There’s a defined process of chimney sweeping that has been followed by our certified chimney inspectors. It includes: 

  1. Checking the chimney for obstructions: If there are any obstructions within the fireplace or chimney, the homeowner will be notified during the inspection and after that, they will move toward the cleaning step. 
  2. Cleaning the chimney with a brush: The team will be going to use a brush to clean the chimney flue. Also, they ensure that the whole cleaning process will be done according to the company’s preventative measures. 
  3. Checking the chimney for cracks or leaks: Chimney inspectors will search for the cracks and leakages on the chimney, crown, and cap. The team will further check if the outside dust and moisture are causing any leaks in the chimney. If your chimney will not be performing up to the mark, the inspection team will guide you about its repair or reinstallation service.  
  4. Installing a proper chimney cap: At the end of the process, the chimney sweepers will suggest you the steel chimney cap to prevent future blockages and debris from sliding into the chimney and duct.

What To Expect From a Chimney Sweep?

At High’s Chimney, the chimney sweepers will likely clean your chimney with a long wire brush that looks something like a long bottlebrush.

When it comes to cleaning the chimney, the brush bristles are the right tool. With a sweep of the brush bristles, you clean the inside surface area.

Since fireplaces gather up a lot of ash and dust over time, you must get rid of the accumulation in the fireplace. Otherwise, it may cause problems and a strange smell inside your house.

Get a Quote for Chimney Sweeps

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