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Signs that Your Chimney or Fireplace Needs Cleaning or Repair

Like a washing machine that overflows, many home appliances provide obvious evidence that repair is needed, but chimneys are often inconspicuously dirty or in disrepair. Chimney and fireplace upkeep is a matter of home safety, and it is important to schedule routine chimney inspections and cleaning. Although the squeaky wheel usually gets the grease, it Read more

Damaged Chimney Signs & Symptoms

A fully functional chimney is a safe chimney. A damaged chimney can be dangerous. Fortunately, you can spot many signs of chimney damage and arrange for the necessary repairs before the problem gets out of hand. Here are four areas of chimney damage/chimney issues to be on the lookout for. Leaky chimney signs Water in Read more

How to Get Your Chimney Ready for Santa Claus

It’s that time of year again – the time good old Santa Claus hitches up his sleigh to the reindeer and heads to the homes of every good boy and girl and shimmies down chimneys to leave brightly wrapped presents for the kids. Okay, none of this may be true, but it’s not a bad Read more