Chimney Leak Repair & Chimney Masonry Repair in Gaithersburg, MD.
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 Gaithersburg, MD, Leaky Chimney Repair | Chimney Crown Repair, Masonry Repair, Chimney Waterproofing

 Gaithersburg, MD, Leaky Chimney Repair | Chimney Crown Repair, Masonry Repair, Chimney Waterproofing

Residents of Gaithersburg and other communities in Maryland and Virginia trust the experts at High’s Chimney Service to repair leaky chimneys and restore safety and soundness to their chimney structures. All chimney leak repair is performed by skilled technicians with years of hands-on experience and a customer-first approach.

Gaithersburg, MD leaky chimney repair

Chimney leaks can be caused by a variety of things, but the most common are structural damage and damage to chimney components. When you spot signs of a leaky chimney, repair work should be scheduled promptly to prevent significant damage to the chimney system.

Leaky Chimney Repair In Gaithersburg, MDBe Aware of Leaky Chimney Symptoms

Very early signs of a chimney leak may not be apparent. If you notice any of the following leaky chimney symptoms at your Gaithersburg home, it means the problem is worsening and needs to be addressed.

  • Water in the firebox
  • White discoloration on exterior masonry
  • Strong, unpleasant odors coming from your fireplace
  • Dampness on walls and the ceiling near the fireplace/chimney
  •  A fireplace damper that’s hard to work or won’t open and close fully

In addition, you should look for signs of masonry damage such as loose or missing bricks or brick and mortar debris on the roof near the chimney. Damaged bricks will allow water to get inside them and expand when the air temperature freezes. This expansion can cause extensive masonry damage and allow more water to get into the system.

What Can Cause a Chimney Leak at Your Gaithersburg, MD, Home?

As we noted, many things can cause a chimney leak. Here are some of the most common causes we find in and around Gaithersburg.

A faulty chimney cap: Chimney caps are designed to prevent water and debris from entering the flue. If your cap is damaged or ill-fitting, water from snow and rain can infiltrate the system. (If you’re operating your chimney without a cap, you should have one professionally installed.)

Warped flashing: The flashing that seals the gap between the chimney and the roof must be in good repair to keep water from running down into the home and causing structural damage and possibly a mold outbreak.

Chimney Crown Repair in gaithersburg mdCracked chimney crown: The cement layer at the top of your chimney is the chimney crown. When cracks begin in the crown, water can get in and cause serious damage. A leaky chimney often can be traced back to a damaged chimney crown.

Masonry deterioration: Older chimneys are at risk for structural deterioration. Bricks become loose and decayed, mortar crumbles and the chimney can begin to lean to one side. If you have a leaky chimney, one of the first things we’ll look at is the condition of your chimney’s masonry.

Expert Chimney Leak Detection & Repair in the Gaithersburg, MD, Region

The High’s Chimney Service technicians who will resolve your leaky chimney issues are highly trained and have years of hands-on experience repairing chimney leaks, masonry damage, chimney crown damage and other problems. Our goal is to keep your chimney, your home and your family safe while providing you with exceptional workmanship and customer service.

If the chimney at your Gaithersburg home is leaking, High’s Chimney Services is ready to fix it. We work in Maryland and Virginia including the communities of Clarksville, MD, Cleverly, MD, Colesville, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, Columbia, MD, Darnestown, MD, Fairfax, VA, and Frederick, MD. Call us today at (301) 519-3500.