Level 2 Chimney Inspection in Gaithersburg, MD

common masonry chimney leak fixesWho Needs a Level 2 Inspection?

If you are making any changes in the way you use your chimney, such as changing the type of fuel used, relining the flue, or if you’ve had any accidents or external events that may have caused damage, a Level 2 chimney inspection is needed.

If you’ve had a building fire, chimney fire or an earthquake, you need to have a Level 2 inspection performed. Also, a Level 2 inspection of the chimney is required before you sell your property.

What is a Level 2 Inspection?

As you probably assumed, a Level 2 inspection is more detailed than Level 1. A Level 2 chimney inspection includes all of the visual examination included in a Level 1 inspection, plus some additional work including examination of the attic, crawlspace, and other accessible areas.

In a Level 2 inspection, a video camera or other device may be used to examine the flue and check for cracks or damage to the joints in the chimney’s structure. There is no removal of the structure or permanent damage caused to your chimney in a Level 2 inspection.

Level 2 Inspection Checklist

Level 1 inspection plus an examination of the attic, crawlspace and other accessible areas.

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