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Masonry Chimney Construction

Masonry Chimney Construction in Gaithersburg, MD

Chimney masonry in Tysons VAIf you’re planning an addition or building a new house, leave it to the chimney building to the experts. We help you plan how big the chimney needs to be depending on its intended purpose, and we build you an attractive, sturdy masonry or cinder-block chimney, or a chimney chase, if that’s what’s best for your plans.

Our founder built new chimneys before fixed old ones. We can build a new masonry chimney for you. Let us say this though: while our mason can build anything at all, we like to keep our focus on chimneys. If you have a non-chimney masonry project you can certainly check with us; depending on the time of the year we may be able to accommodate you. Our men are certainly capable.


Masonry Service

Every situation is different, but we can say this about every job.

  • We use only high-quality materials on your home. We don’t try to save a dollar on materials.
  • Our masons are real masons, not just chimney sweeps with trowels in their hands.
  • We send enough men to do the job and we stay on the job until it’s finished. High’s Chimney won’t leave you hanging if a job takes extra time because of other scheduled work.
  • We clean up after ourselves.
  • On about 80% of all jobs a quality control/ safety inspector comes to the job while the men are working.

Chimney Masonry in Germantown MDAbout Masonry Chimney Construction

Many homeowners, particularly during biting Maryland and Washington, DC, winters, are struck with the idea of adding a chimney to their home. The cozy imagery of a family enjoying a roaring fire is an alluring prospect for any homeowner. However, a chimney is a very serious addition to a home—not just a hole in the ceiling.

You might be a little bit doubtful about making such an addition to your home, and you’d be right to be cautious. When adding a new chimney to your home, it’s important to design and build it according to its use. Chimney design can vary drastically based on what vents into it. Even the difference between a wood fireplace and a woodstove can affect chimney design. Let our experienced professionals help you navigate the choices to design a safe and functional chimney that meets your standards.


Ready to Add a New Fireplace or Woodstove?

If a beautiful, custom masonry chimney is what you desire, our trained masons can build a beautiful and long-lasting brick or cinder-block chimney, built to last and requiring little chimney repair. You benefit from years of collective experience building chimneys. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective alternative to masonry chimneys, know that we also have extensive experience installing factory-built chimneys and chimney chases.

Building a chimney is more than just stacking bricks in a tall pile. From smoke chambers to chimney caps, many details are necessary to ensure your chimney is ready for use. Let our professionals give you peace of mind. We cover the details from construction codes to flashing to ensure your new chimney is beautiful, functional, and safe.

Want to book a High’s Chimney install now? Not sure if a new chimney is what you want or just want to find out more about alternatives and options? Call us today at 301-519-3500 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you’ve got.

Contact us to learn more about our chimney construction services. We proudly serve clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.