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Wood Burning Stove Fairfax County, VA & Gaithersburg MD

Wood Burning Stove Wood-burning stoves are a great, green option for heating your house during the winter months. When it comes to protecting your home and family from the potential fire risks that an improperly installed stove poses, the best thing you can do is choose a certified, experienced professional to install your wood burning stove in Fairfax County, VA. High’s Chimney offers many different wood burning stove products to best fit your needs and budget. High’s Chimney now offers Regency and Hampton brand wood and gas fireplace stoves and inserts. For more information, click on the manufacturer links below for a brochure, call us, or schedule online for more information.

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Free-standing Wood Burning Stoves

Regency Classic™ F1100 Small Wood StoveRegency Classic™ F1100 Small Wood Stove

Regency Classic™ S2400 Step Top Medium Wood StoveRegency Classic™ S2400 Step Top Medium Wood Stove

Regency Classic™ F2400 Medium Wood StoveRegency Classic™ F2400 Medium Wood Stove

Hampton® H200 Medium Wood StoveHampton® H200 Medium Wood Stove

Regency Classic F3100 Large Wood StoveRegency Classic F3100 Large Wood Stove

Hampton-H300-Large-Wood-StoveHampton® H300 Large Wood Stove

Wood Stove Inserts

Regency Classic I1200 Small Wood Burning Stove InsertRegency Classic I1200 Small Wood Burning Stove Insert

Regency H2100 Hearth Heater Wood InsertRegency H2100 Hearth Heater Wood Insert

Regency Alterra® CI1200 Small Wood InsertRegency Alterra® CI1200 Small Wood Insert

Regency Classic I2400 Medium Wood Stove InsertRegency Classic I2400 Medium Wood Stove Insert

Hampton® HI200 Small Wood InsertHampton® HI200 Small Wood Insert

Regency Alterra® CI1250 Small Wood InsertRegency Alterra® CI1250 Small Wood Insert

Regency Classic I3100 Large Wood Stove InsertRegency Classic I3100 Large Wood Stove Insert

Hampton® HI300 Medium Wood InsertHampton® HI300 Medium Wood Insert

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Regency Horizon™ HZI234E Small Gas InsertRegency Horizon™ HZI234E Small Gas Insert

Excalibur® EX-U31 Medium Gas InsertExcalibur® EX-U31 Medium Gas Insert

Regency Horizon™ HZI390EB Medium Gas InsertRegency Horizon™ HZI390EB Medium Gas Insert

Regency Energy™ E21 Small Gas InsertRegency Energy™ E21 Small Gas Insert

Regency Energy™ U32 Medium Gas InsertRegency Energy™ U32 Medium Gas Insert

Regency Energy™ U31 Medium Gas InsertRegency Energy™ U31 Medium Gas Insert

Liberty™ L390E Medium Gas InsertLiberty™ L390E Medium Gas Insert

Our specialists strive to offer superior products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you have a wood-burning stove or a gas fireplace, High’s Chimney offers many different services. We have affordable regency fireplace prices. From needing a gas fireplace insert in Washington, DC to seeking a gas fireplace repair in Prince George’s County, MD, our specialists can handle any job. Contact us today to learn more about our products and wood burning stoves. We proudly serve clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Add Regency Fireplaces to Your Home Corner

Regency fireplaces are trendy and expensive, right? But regency fireplace prices at High’s Chimney are incredibly affordable yet stylish. If you’re in the market for a new fireplace, we will suggest you check out the selection of regency Fireplaces. 

At High’s Chimney, we own a wide variety of regency fireplaces in terms of styles and sizes to choose from. You can go with them as they are one of the most aesthetic options when it comes to the interior of your house. These regency fireplaces not only look cool but are also absolutely safe and reasonable.