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Stainless Steel Chase Cover Installation in Maryland, Northern VA, and D.C.

Stainless Steel Chase Cover installation in Maryland, Nothern Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Ready to replace that old rusty galvanized cover on the very top of your chimney? Make sure that you are going to get the most out of your chimney chase cover by buying stainless. All of our covers are customizable to fit the individual size of your chimney chase.

Why Buy Stainless Steel Chase Covers?

Wait a second, what is a chase cover you ask? A chase cover is the metal covering designed to keep unwanted critters, debris and water from entering your home through the very top of your chimney chase. Most chimney chases come with a chase cover, but not one that will last a long time.

Stainless Steel Vs. Galvanized Steel Chase Covers

Galvanized chase covers look unsightly even though they are high up on your roof. Appearance aside, they don’t do the same job a stainless steel chase covers can. Rusting causes a slow deterioration of the outer surface of the chase cover, making it less effective overall. When your chase cover rusts, your home is left unprotected from the elements.

Compared to a stainless steel chase cover, a galvanized cover will only last for about 7 years. These covers can’t withstand acid rain or the wear and tear from the weather, but stainless steel covers are designed to do just that. Galvanized chase covers are also a problem because they can allow water to leak and trigger unseen damage, not to mention rust stains streaking down the sides of your home.

Our Stainless Chimney Chase Covers

To prevent dealing with the issues associated with a galvanized chase cover, choose one of our custom designed stainless steel chimney chase covers. Why choose stainless steel over a traditional chase cover?

Stainless steel chase covers will:

  • Never rust or become unsightly
  • Helps ensure continued structural integrity of your chimney chase
  • Provides superior protection against unwanted guests (animals, debris and weather)
  • Prevents unnecessary moisture which helps to stop mold growth and leaks

Finally, the last thing to consider when buying your chase cover is how you want it to look. After you have decided on the type, it may be possible to choose a specific color or finish so that it matches or coordinates with your home.

Remember, that it is smarter and more cost effective to buy a quality piece now. When purchased wisely and installed correctly, a chimney chase cover will last for a very long time.

Do you need a new chase cover installed at your Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington D.C. home? Give High’s a call at 1 (800) 937-2876 or schedule an appointment online today using the button below.

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