What Can I Do To Upgrade The Performance Of My Masonry Fireplace?
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3 Pro Tips for a Stunning Fireplace Upgrade

Is your fireplace starting to get boring? Could it do with an upgrade to bring the excitement back and add some elegance in the process? Is the big problem simply that it’s not producing enough heat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on for some good news.

Upgrade the look of your hearth area

fireplace upgrade in Washington d.cThere are many ways to beautify a hearth area.

Fireplace mantel installation: For many people, a fireplace just isn’t complete without a stately mantel on top of it. Use your new mantel for displaying photographs, vases, antiques, kids’ artwork, mirrors, clocks – you name it.

Add a fireplace surround: The entire wall area around your fireplace can be transformed with a custom-built or factory-made fireplace surround. Choose from many beautiful materials including stone, brick, granite, wood and more.

Install glass fireplace doors: A new set of lovely glass fireplace doors will add eye-appeal to your hearth area all year long. Plus they provide a layer of protection for kids and pets after the fire dies down.

Add a set of fireplace tools: Tool sets can include a shovel, poker, brush, log-lifter and more, all displayed in a handsome stand. A decorative log holder is another idea to upgrade the look of your fireplace area.

 Upgrade your level of heat

If your fireplace upgrade plans center more around getting extra heat out of your fireplace than enhancing its appearance, consider the advantages of a fireplace insert.

With an insert, you don’t have to construct anything, because the unit fits right into your existing masonry fireplace’s firebox. Inserts are made for both wood and gas fuel, and they deliver high levels of safe, useable heat.

Heat-efficiency ratings for fireplace inserts typically range from 70% up to 85% and even higher. This rating tells you how much of the total heat the appliance produces will be available as heat within your home.

By comparison, your current masonry fireplace may not be rated any higher than 20%, and even that may be a stretch. Masonry fireplaces, while they look awesome, aren’t known as high heat producers. A gas or wood insert will not only give you the heat you want but will add significant beauty to your hearth area as you choose among the many finishes, colors, design styles and options available.

Upgrade your masonry fireplace’s performance

Masonry Fireplace inspection & CleaningIf you love your masonry fireplace, then give it the TLC it needs to operate safely and at peak performance. Start by scheduling an annual visit from a certified chimney sweep to remove flammable creosote and drafting obstructions from your flue. Then bring in a professional chimney inspector to evaluate the condition of your chimney and fireplace and recommend (and perform) any needed repairs. A chimney in good shape will allow the fireplace to work so much more efficiently and safely. As you can see, there’s no reason you have to keep living with a dull hearth area or an underperforming, unsafe fireplace.

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