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Swept with Admiration for DC Area Log Homes

We decided to finish our spree of articles admiring the various houses we encounter during our chimney service calls in the Washington DC area with some words of affection regarding log homes. When the words Washington DC are spoken; images of the White House, Capital Building, and the U.S. Supreme Court building come to mind. Read more

Ranch-Style Houses

We see a lot of different types of homes as we perform chimney service through the DC metro area. One of the home styles we see the most often is the Ranch home. We see this home style so often, and have become so fond of it, that we’ve decided to write a little ode Read more

Washington D.C., Chimneys and the American Foursquare

Compared to the severe and austere architecture of Washington D.C.’s famous Greco-Roman Capitol buildings, the American Foursquare is a warm smile in fuzzy pajamas. Two evenly spaced one-over-one windows over a brick knee-capped porch echoes the tranquil face of its middle-class occupants. The chimney on its low-pitched hipped roof, the humble feather in its cap. Read more

Washington DC Firewood Guide

Keep your Fireplace Roaring: A Washington D.C. Firewood Guide If you have a fireplace in the Washington D.C. area, then you know that the time of year to use it is upon us. A well-stocked fireplace that is kept roaring consistently provides a warmth to the heart and to the wallet. Wouldn’t it be great Read more

Chimneys of Rockville MD

Architecture and Chimneys in Rockville, Maryland Rockville, Maryland is perhaps best known for being on the interstate 270 technology corridor. This area contains many software and biotechnology companies, as well as some government buildings. Tucked behind this technological corridor, however, is a wealth of history. Rockville has grown considerably since its early days as “Owen’s Read more

Architecture and Chimneys in Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda, Maryland is constantly gracing a top cities list. Whether it’s for education, income, or best place to live, Bethesda gets a fair share of attention for the quality of life held there. Bethesda also offers a lot of great houses to discovery. From stately colonials to charming bungalows, Bethesda has a plethora of beautiful Read more

Chimneys of Potomac Maryland

Architecture and Chimneys of Potomac, Maryland Potomac, Maryland is perhaps best known for the stars that have called it home. Wolf Blitzer and Sylvester Stallone hail from this affluent town, while Arnold Schwarzenegger has a part time residence in this idyllic town. While Potomac might be best known for its star studded streets, it also Read more