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Chimney Repair In Washington D.C | Brick Repair, Chimney Liner Repair, Chimney Crown Repair & More | Complete Chimney Masonry

Owning a beautiful fireplace can bring many benefits, but if your chimney or its components are in need of repair, you could be living with a potential hazard. High’s Chimney Service of Washington DC provides certified chimney repair and rebuilding services for homes in the DC Capitol area including Mount Vernon Square, Congress Heights, Penn Quarter, Capitol Hill and other neighborhoods.

chimney masonry brick repair in washington d.cChimney Brick Repair & Masonry

Over time, chimney masonry can suffer damage due to harsh weather, seismic events and plain old age. Crumbling bricks, cracks in the mortar joints and the constant infiltration of water can cause a chimney to eventually begin to lean to one side and finally collapse. Our experienced personnel can perform tuckpointing, brick repair and chimney rebuilding services to prevent chimney leaks and keep your chimney safe.

Chimney Rebuilding In D.C

Severely damaged chimneys often need to be rebuilt. This is a job only for experienced chimney professionals, not amateur handymen or DIY enthusiasts. Rebuilding a chimney requires knowledge of the anatomy and physics of the chimney structure and practical hands-on training in order to do the job correctly and safety. We rebuild chimneys throughout Washington DC and surrounding areas.

Chimney Liner Repair/Replacement

chimney liner repair in washington d.cWhether you have a stainless-steel chimney liner, a clay tile liner or a liner built from a poured-in-place compound, you may need to have the liner repaired or replaced at one point. High’s Chimney Service technicians have the expertise and specialized tools to perform chimney liner repair and installation in a way that’s safe and that will give you years of top performance.

Chimney Crown Rebuild/Repair

The chimney crown is the cement structure that covers most of the top opening of the structure. When crowns begin to crack, water can seep inside and freeze. Freezing causes expansion and further damage. Chimney crowns are a key line of defense against water damage to the masonry of the chimney. With enough masonry damage comes the very real possibility of a fire in the combustible materials within your home. We can repair or rebuild your chimney crown, depending on its condition.

Chimney Cap Repair/Install In Washington D.C

Chimney caps also help to keep rain and snow out of a chimney system. In addition, they block debris from getting into the flue and causing a drafting obstruction. If your chimney cap is damaged, we can either repair or replace it. We install chimney caps in the DC area and beyond.

Chimney Chase Top Repair/Replacement

Found usually on pre-built chimneys, chimney chase tops are yet another component that protects the inside of the flue. These devices are prone to rust and other damage over the years. Chimney chase top repair done when needed will help preserve the life of your chimney. We repair and replace all types of chase tops.

Roof Flashing Repair/Replacement

If the flashing that seals the gap between the chimney and your roof is warped, rusted or missing, water can run down into the home and destroy wall boards, rafters, beams and insulation. Let our certified chimney repair experts inspect your flashing and repair or replace it, if necessary.

fireplace repair in washington d.cFireplace Damper Repair/Installation

Rusted or damaged dampers often can’t open or close completely. A partially open damper will allow cold air to sweep into your home and create a drafting obstruction when you’re using your fireplace. We inspect fireplace dampers and perform complete damper repair and installation.

Smoke Chamber Parging

The smoke chamber is a funnel-shaped structure above the firebox that provides a smooth path for smoke and toxins to get into the chimney. Over time, the chamber’s surfaces can become rough or damaged, which hampers drafting. Smoke chamber parging is a process where we clean the surfaces and then apply new mortar to keep the chamber operating correctly.

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