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Washington D.C., Chimneys and the American Foursquare

Compared to the severe and austere architecture of Washington D.C.’s famous Greco-Roman Capitol buildings, the American Foursquare is a warm smile in fuzzy pajamas. Two evenly spaced one-over-one windows over a brick knee-capped porch echoes the tranquil face of its middle-class occupants. The chimney on its low-pitched hipped roof, the humble feather in its cap. This aesthetic, along with its efficiency and affordability, make the American Foursquare the template of an American classic.

Chimney service for American foursquare style home in Darnestown MDAs the crowning achievement of middle-class stability, one must take the necessary precautions to ensure the longevity of the family home, from top to bottom. This, of course, includes the chimney, the feather in the cap. If your chimney resembles most on American Foursquares in the Washington D.C. area, it’s made of brick. Find a quality masonry sealant that is colorless. Anything less than the bare brick detracts from the original character of the American Foursquare homes typical of early 20th century Maryland and Virginia.

Even new and newly repaired masonry chimneys will suffer weather damage if left unprotected. Fortunately, options abound the homeowner hoping to protect their home’s chimney. To prevent water damage to your roof around the base of your chimney, consider flashing it with stainless sheet metal. Never fear, this worry-saving precaution is easily concealed.

A chimney (or flue cap), on the other hand, is a weatherproofing precaution that allows for a bit more self-expression from the homeowner. A variety of circular, pyramidal, hipped, multi-flue and decorative solutions are available to protect your family as well as troubleshoot pesky down-drafts. The shape of the flue cap itself can echo the pyramidal or hipped roof of your American Foursquare, or add a bit of whimsical flare. This, in addition to an adequate chimney crown will also deter nesting animals, who enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home as much as you do.

The crowning feature on one of your most treasured possessions should fill you with a sense of pride and security, not worry. So consider the credentials of the contractor flashing and crowning your chimney, not just the price. After all, a cheap job is worth less than nothing if it isn’t done right the first time. The wise homeowner will choose comprehensive chimney service that shall ensure many warm evenings of happiness around the family hearth.

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