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Washington DC Firewood Guide

Keep your Fireplace Roaring: A Washington D.C. Firewood Guide

If you have a fireplace in the Washington D.C. area, then you know that the time of year to use it is upon us. A well-stocked fireplace that is kept roaring consistently provides a warmth to the heart and to the wallet. Wouldn’t it be great to know everything about firewood in and around Washington D.C. so you know how to get the best for your wood-burning fireplace?

firewood for wood burning fireplace in Washington DCWhite Oak is the state tree of Maryland. It is found in every county in the state and surrounding states. This means that the majority of wood you buy is going to be of this species. When they’re not bundled into cords of wood for you to take a match to, White Oak sport acorns and many-fingered green leaves that it sheds when fall comes calling. Since these trees grow to monstrous heights, many often need to be trimmed if they grow to houses or other structures that they could potentially fall on. That’s where your firewood comes in: tree removal services all over the greater Washington D.C. area use the limbs, branches and trees they cut down to make firewood.

Other native trees include the Adler, the Ash and the American Beech Tree. Many specimens of maples and other oaks are prevalent in our area, too. All of these trees make for great burning, but you must make sure it is seasoned wood in order for it to burn well. Seasoned wood means that it has to be completely dried out; any wet spots in the wood will translate to your fireplace. If stored in a proper location, most wet wood can dry out within a week. The drier the wood, the better and hotter it will burn in your fireplace.

Always be aware of Washington D.C. rules for wood burning fireplaces. If you want to gather firewood yourself, you must have a permit. If buying firewood from a dealer, make sure they have a license to do so. Firewood sellers must sell at a standard rate, so if you think you are paying too much for a cord, contact the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to address the issue.

Well, we hope you’ve learned a little more about what to put in your fireplace. And of course, if you need expert chimney service in the Northwest Washington DC area, we hope you know who to call.