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Leaky Chimney Repair In Washington D.C | We Fix Leaky Chimneys | Leaking Chimney?

A leaky chimney should never be ignored. The leak is a sign to tell you that potentially serious damage is on the way. If you have a chimney leak at your Washington DC home, High’s Chimney Service is ready to get it fixed and restore operational safety to your chimney. We serve the entire DC area as well as the communities of Falls Church, VA, Adelphi, MD, North Bethesda, MD, Annandale, VA, and others. Put our 30+ years’ experience to work for you.

we fix leaky chimneys in washington d.cThe Problem with Leaky Chimneys

chimney cover to prevent water in chimneyThere’s one thing that every professional chimney repair technician knows: water and bricks don’t mix. When a chimney leak starts, water begins to erode the bricks and mortar, leading to a larger leak and significant damage to the chimney structure and its components.

If left unattended, what began as a small chimney leak can wind up costing you huge amounts of money to rebuild the chimney or replace rotted sections of your home’s building materials.

What Causes a Chimney Leak?

Chimney leaks in the masonry are usually caused by one of three things:

  1. Old age and masonry decay
  2. Violent wind storms and extreme weather
  3. House-settling

A leaky chimney also can be caused by damage to components such as the chimney cap, chimney crown, chimney chase top and chimney flashing. Compromises to these components allows water to enter the system and begin its cycle of decay.

Leaky Chimney Signs & Symptoms

The only way to spot the earliest signs of a chimney leak is through a certified chimney inspection. Chimney inspectors are able to detect weakened areas within the system that could begin letting water in. You can also spot signs of a leaky chimney in your Washington DC area home. Here is what to watch for:

  • Water in the firebox
  • White staining on the exterior masonry of the chimney
  • Crumbling debris around the base of the chimney on the roof
  • Loose or missing bricks (spalling)
  • Dampness or staining on interior house walls near the fireplace/chimney
  • Musty odors coming from the firebox

If you notice any of these signs, call us at once so we can assess the situation and make recommendations on how to get it fixed.

leaky chimney repair in washington d.cChimney Leak Repair

Our chimney service professionals are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). Any of our technicians who visit your DC area home to perform chimney leak repair will have been thoroughly trained and will have demonstrated a deep understanding of chimney systems and chimney repair techniques.

Your safety is important to us. If you have a leaky chimney, we can find the quickest and economical solution to restore safety and operational efficiency. We’ve been repairing chimney leaks in communities throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC since 1981.

Along with the repair of leaky chimneys, we also provide certified chimney sweep, chimney inspection and complete chimney rebuilding services.

Call High’s Chimney Service today at (202) 289-2750 and let us get your chimney leak repaired so you can keep using your fireplace with peace of mind.