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What Is A Chimney Sweep?

Not necessarily the singing and dancing workers of classic movies, a chimney sweep is also known as a chimney service technician. Hiring a skilled and experienced chimney sweep to handle your chimney maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your family and home safe from fire.

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Chimney sweeps are trained to detect and remove creosote from your chimney. This dangerous build up of emissions sticks to the chimney walls and is the leading cause of chimney fires. It must be removed at least once a year. The sweep will also inspect your chimney system, looking over the condition and advising you on any repairs that need to be done.

Be sure to hire only certified and trained technicians. They need to have graduated from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, an organization that is dedicated to educating both the public and those in the industry on chimney safety. This professional chimney sweep will clean your chimney thoroughly using the proper techniques and the best equipment. They are also skilled in installations and general chimney maintenance.

Expect to pay a reasonable amount of money to have your chimney cleaned by a trained and experienced professional. This annual maintenance task is imperative to ensure a safe atmosphere in your home and to reduce the risk of fire due to creosote build up.

It’s a wise idea to have the same chimney sweep or chimney service company look at your system every year. This allows them to keep track of the wear and tear and accurately gauge the condition of the chimney both inside your home and out. Keep your family safe and enjoy worry free fireplace and stove operation with the trusted services of a professional chimney sweep.