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What is Creosote?

chimney repair washington dcAt High’s Chimney, we believe in the importance of educating our clients to help prevent and maintain the safety of their chimney and overall property. As your trusted chimney company, we are dedicated to our craft and customers, which is why we continuously improve our services to help you have a superior experience every time.  As a homeowner with a fireplace, it is vital to understand the harmful substance called creosote that can accumulate in your chimney.

Creosote is one of the most dangerous things you can find inside of a chimney. This substance is often found in chimneys by building up naturally as you burn fires in your fireplace. This thick substance develops as a part of the combustion process, but it tends to develop when wood is not burned completely. Since creosote is highly flammable if left untreated, a common consequence of creosote build-up is house fires. To prevent a house fire, look to our professional and insured chimney contractors to help you clean your chimneys free of creosote.

Whether you are in need of a chimney repair in Washington, DC, or a chimney cleaning, we are sure to provide you with honest services to better your property. If you are interested in learning more about our services, we encourage you to contact our company today at 1 (888) 444-4712.