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Why Your Annual Chimney Maintenance Includes Exterior Inspection

Your annual chimney maintenance is an important part of upkeep in your home. And this visit by a qualified technician should always include an exterior inspection. The condition of your chimney will determine the overall efficiency of your fireplace or wood stove and should be closely monitored in case repairs are needed.

Annual Chimney Maintenance: What Could Be Wrong With The Chimney Exterior?

Chimney inspection in Glen Echo MDOver time the mortar used on the exterior of your chimney will break down and wear away. This is especially true for the area around the chimney caps. Because this surface is flat, water can collect without running away and gravity and force make short work of any weak or deteriorating mortar joints.

When this occurs – even one small crack – the entire chimney may be at risk. Water will enter the chimney, and possibly your attic, damaging the materials and presenting a risk of mold and mildew growth.

Vertical Problems Need To Be Fixed As Well

Crumbling brick and mortar on the vertical part of your chimney should also be repaired right away. An experienced chimney sweep will be able to climb up onto the roof and have a good look at the exterior. Repairs may be small and quick or extensive and expensive, but in any case they should be done without delay.

Letting your chimney deteriorate will result in less efficiency, more smoke and more hassle when lighting and maintaining your fire. It will also result in an unattractive view that could age your home prematurely.

Always be sure that your annual chimney maintenance includes a thorough inspection of the chimney’s exterior. Plan to tackle any necessary repairs right away and keep a record of the condition to monitor overall wear and tear. These steps will ensure the optimal performance of your entire hearth.