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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts In The DC Area

High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, provides professional installation of wood fireplace inserts in Potomac, MD, Bethesda, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, Rockville, MD, and other communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Wood fireplace insert in DCDo you have a masonry fireplace in your home?  How satisfied are you with the heat it produces?  If you’re like most people, the answer is “not very.”  Wood-burning fireplaces inserts, on the other hand, are designed to fit right into your existing firebox and give you heat-performance you won’t believe.

Heat efficiency for masonry fireplaces: about 20%.  Heat efficiency for wood fireplace inserts: 70% and higher.  You can do the math in your head.  Wood inserts are powerful sources of heat.


One of the reasons people put up with under-performing masonry fireplaces year after year is because they are truly magnificent-looking.  It’s hard to beat real burning logs in a roaring firebox.  What these people don’t realize is, with a new wood fireplace insert, you get all the beauty of real wood fires and the welcomed addition of great heat for the room and everyone in it.

Here are some things you’ll enjoy knowing about modern wood-burning fireplace inserts.

Wood Inserts Are Highly Efficient Heat Producers

The closed combustion technology employed by wood fireplace inserts allows them to burn hot and preserve the majority of heat they produce to be used as heat for the home.  On a cold winter night, isn’t that all that really matters?  Masonry fireplaces, on the other hand, with their wide-open system, channel most of their heat right up the chimney and out into the air.

Inserts Burn More Thoroughly

Wood inserts provide hotter, more complete burns, which means more of your logs will be turned into heat.  Thorough burns also mean less smoke and therefore less creosote and mess in the vent pipe.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood fires add no more carbon dioxide to the environment than trees decomposing in a forest, thus its billing as a carbon-neutral fuel.  Unlike natural gas, wood is a renewable resource, an important designation for many people.

Wood burning fireplace insert in Leesburg VAMany Designs

Enhancing the décor of your home is easy with a wood fireplace insert.  Top makers such as Regency and Hampton offer many fabulous design styles, shapes, sizes and finishes.  Choose a traditional and classic appearance, or go with something contemporary and ultra-modern.  Either way, your new insert will be the center of attention with a beautiful mantel.

Simple Installation

Setting up a new wood fireplace insert is fairly straightforward for trained, NFI-certified installers.  The unit fits right into an existing firebox with no need for remodeling, rebuilding or tearing out.  A basic
heat-rated vent pipe is added to the chimney, and the appliance is ready to go.

Keeping Your Insert Safe and High-functioning

It’s recommended that wood inserts be inspected and have their vent pipes cleaned once a year by an experienced chimney sweep.  This will ensure safe operation and optimal heat production.

If it’s time to move up from the sluggish heat of a masonry fireplace to the fantastic heat of a new wood fireplace insert, High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, can help you select the brand and style that would be perfect for you home.  We provide heating appliance installations, chimney sweep services and chimney repair and rebuilding in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Call us today, and bring on the heat.