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Wood-Burning Fireplaces in Gaithersburg MD

High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, offers expert installation of the very best wood fireplaces in Colesville, MD, Cloverly, MD, Olny, MD, Fulton, MD, and other communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Wood burning fireplace in Hagerstown MDHave you been thinking of adding a new fireplace to your home?  Is a wood-burning fireplace the type you’re thinking about?  Now is a great time to make this happen with a zero-clearance wood fireplace from Regency and Hampton, two of the most-respected companies in the hearth industry.

Great heat, great beauty, simple installation – that’s what you get with today’s elegant wood-burning fireplaces.  With heat-efficiency ratings four times greater than traditional masonry fireplaces, you can’t go wrong with a new wood fireplace.

A wood fireplace is traditional and classic.  People love them for many reasons including:

The Look You’re After in a Wood Fireplace

Models available right now feature a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and finishes.  Whether you’re after a traditional look or a contemporary flair, wood fireplaces won’t disappoint.

Real Wood for a Real Fire

Gas, pellets and electricity are all fine heating fuels, but for some people, wood logs will always be the first choice.  It’s hard to beat a real wood fire with its leaping flames and crackling embers as a centerpiece for gatherings on cold winter nights.

High Heat-efficiency Rating

Heat-efficiency ratings tell you the amount of heat your heating appliance generates that is transferred to the room rather than up the vent pipe.  Wood-burning, zero-clearance fireplaces come in at 75% or 80% and higher, compared to about 20% with a traditional masonry fireplace.  Modern wood fireplaces are heating machines.

Logs That Burn More Completely

The highly insulated zero-clearance design of today’s fireplaces allows wood logs to burn hotter and more thoroughly than in traditional open fireplaces.  This means you use more of your fuel while producing less smoke to dirty up the venting system.


Never in history have wood fireplaces been cleaner-burning and friendlier to the environment.  A carbon-neutral fuel, burning wood logs add no more carbon dioxide to the air than trees decomposing.  The EPA will not approve any wood fireplace for sale unless it meets stringent environmental standards.

Straightforward Installation

Installation of your new wood fireplace is easy when handled by NFI-certified fireplace technicians.  These units can be placed in any framed wall without the need for major building or remodeling.  Plus, unlike with masonry fireplaces, no chimney has to be built – a basic steel vent pipe is all that’s needed for ventilation.


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Additional Options

Along with your new fireplace, consider having your installer add a stunning fireplace surround, a lovely mantle, a raised hearth and a selection of fine fireplace tools to complete the overall look of your hearth.

Safe Operation

Zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces are highly insulated, making them safe to be installed very close to any building materials of the house.  The enormous level of heat is contained within the unit to prevent a possible fire or other structural damage.

If a new wood fireplace sounds like just the right touch for your home, High’s Chimney Service of Gaithersburg, MD, can help you select the ideal model that will give you heat and enjoyment for many years to come.  We provide complete wood fireplace installations as well as chimney sweep services, chimney inspections and chimney repair in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Call today and get your new fireplace installed fast.